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Chase Partnership Spotlights Safety

Monday, December 2nd, 2019

The role safety plays – both in our work and at home – is an imperative piece to our success at Egan. Our goal every day is to keep our most valuable resource, our employees, safe. From the equipment, tools, and protective gear we use to the external safety classes and partnerships we provide, it is our mission to achieve zero injuries.

This Fall, Egan officially added another safety partnership to its list with the acceptance into the Construction Health and Safety Excellence (CHASE) program.

CHASE is an exclusive program created by the Associated General Contractors of Minnesota (AGC of MN) and the Minnesota Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

“Congratulations to Egan Company on becoming a CHASE Level 2 participant this October and for earning this recognition with its comprehensive safety program,” said Doug Swenson, Director of Safety and Field Training with AGC. 

The ultimate goal of this partnership with Minnesota contractors is to reduce and eliminate jobsite injuries, illnesses, and fatalities. With the addition of Egan, it currently has 42 member contractors across the state. 

Elected participants are those that implement effective safety and health programs and provide effective safety health training for management, supervisors, and employees. The program also recognizes those that go beyond basic compliance with OSHA standards and have an overall effective, long-term safety program. With this partnership, Egan must continually meet and maintain yearly safety requirements. 

“Our goal for every project we’re involved with is for it to be safer because Egan’s team is there,” said Reid Romer, Safety Director at Egan. “The CHASE partnership gives us, as well as our customers, a reassurance that Egan’s safety efforts are being applied and continuing to move forward as an organization.”

Recapping Recent Recognition and Awards

Thursday, November 21st, 2019
365 Nicollet in Downtown Minneapolis

As the leaves have changed and the snowy months arrive, we’re taking a quick look back at a few notable awards and recognition we’ve received since the summer – both at a local and national level.

We’re thrilled to be among such great company in these various categories. A huge thank you to our great customers, vendors, and of course, employees, who make it happen every day on the jobsite and in the office. And, congrats, to all of this year’s winners!

Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal (MSPBJ) Top Private Companies

Moving on up! In 2019, Egan ranks #77 out of 100 Top Private Companies in Minnesota. This is a jump up from last year, where Egan was #82. 

Finance and Commerce 2019 Reader Rankings

For the third year, readers of Finance & Commerce have chosen their most trusted brands and business partners through Reader Rankings. Egan was recognized, again, by readers as a top choice within the “Best Electrical Contractor” and “Best Plumbing Company” categories.

Read more about the Reader Rankings for 2019

NAIOP Awards of Excellence

The 36th annual Awards of Excellence recognizes exceptional developments by The National Association of Industrial and Office Properties (NAIOP) members and their teams. Egan had the privilege of working with multiple NAIOP partners on projects across the Twin Cities and in Rochester!

The following Egan teams played a role in these recognized projects:

  • MoZaic East (InterClad)
  • Prime Therapeutics (Electrical)
  • InterContinental Hotel (Electrical, InterClad, Building Technology Integration)
  • One Discovery Square (Mechanical, InterClad)
  • 365 Nicollet (InterClad)

Electrical Construction and Maintenance (EC&M)

We’re thrilled to have made the #44 spot on the Electrical Construction and Maintenance (EC&M) magazine’s list of Top 50 Electrical Contractors in the U.S. for 2019. It’s always an exciting time at Egan when we are recognized on a national level – this year marks our third year in a row on the list!

Consistency and Customer Service Awarded by Hormel

Thursday, July 25th, 2019

New or existing, big projects or service calls, serving our customers is what drives us. And, occasionally, we’re fortunate enough to be recognized for our work at some of the state’s most identifiable companies like Hormel Foods in Austin, Minn.

This June, Hormel awarded Egan Company and a few other contractors with its Spirit of Excellence Award for 2018. Honorees are qualified for the Spirit of Excellence Award based on various criteria including meeting performance requirements, making on-time deliveries, and providing high-level customer service.

This award marks the third time in four years that Egan’s team has taken home the Spirit of Excellence Award since acquiring Kestner Electric in 2015. Kestner’s long-standing relationship with Hormel prior to acquisition was also well-decorated.

In the press release announcing this year’s award winners, Curtis Southard, Director of Purchasing for Hormel Foods said, “We are proud to partner with these suppliers. They play a key role in helping us deliver inspired food to people around the world and in achieving our key results.”

Fun Fact: Kestner’s first project at Hormel Foods was in 1983!

Over the River and Through Winona

Thursday, July 25th, 2019

This summer Egan’s Southern Minnesota team capped off its two-year project on Winona’s historic bridge.

The city of Winona is nestled along the Mississippi River Valley roughly 100 miles southeast of the Twin Cities. Known for its picturesque bluffs and small town charm, a few of Winona’s most recognizable landmarks are highlighted by Sugar Loaf, a rock pinnacle created by quarrying in the 19th century, and a symbolic pair of bridges that connect Minnesota to Packer Country.

Though its formal name is the Main Channel Bridge, these two bridges are more commonly known as the historic bridge (opened during WWII in 1942) and the new bridge (opened in 2016 – located slightly upstream from its counterpart). Following the opening of the new bridge, the historic bridge closed for necessary rehabilitation. Now, after more than six years of construction, both bridges are finally complete.

Egan’s Southern Minnesota team got the opportunity to provide its electrical expertise on the city’s historic bridge during portions of the rehabilitation process. Much of the team’s work was completed by tying-off to the barrier walls of the bridge making it more challenging.

The scope included all power and communication on the bridge for roadway and aircraft lighting, and navigational beacons. In addition, Egan installed 150+ aesthetic lights that illuminate the infrastructure at night.

As always, staying safe throughout such a high-risk project was top-priority. Significant safety planning and extra patience from the crew was necessary. With no approach stands to access the work or flat surface on the bridge, Egan’s team worked on barges, flew a boom lift up to the bridge deck, and installed lighting utilizing a reach all from underneath the bridge.

“A heavy focus on in-house prefabrication played a key role in this project’s success,” said Nick Schneider, Egan Company Project Manager. “With no flat surface to set-up a bender on the bridge, we prefabricated miles of conduit, all of the off-sets and bends, and over 70 junction boxes to increase efficiency on the jobsite. It worked out extremely well.”

Overall, the bridge was completed on-time and within a compressed schedule. Egan worked approximately 3,500 hours without a recordable injury or dropping/losing anything into the river – which was another team win!

This past July, a ribbon cutting ceremony with the Governor of Minnesota, Winona Mayor, and various U.S. and State Representatives was held to officially mark the re-opening of the historic bridge.

Disrupting the Status Quo Through an Innovative Mindset

Monday, May 13th, 2019

Observe an Egan jobsite or walk into our shops, how do you recognize innovation? Whether you see it in the form of tools or technology, safety practices, better processes, posters or signage… we are continuing to change the way we build.

Recently, a customer shared feedback about how they believe their projects with Egan have been successful due to focused service, very fast responses, and innovative approaches. In response, thank you. We’re grateful our customers recognize this. Applying innovative practices happens intentionally. Delivering on this approach takes diligence.

In 2018, we leaned heavily into innovation and Lean practices. If we can provide further value with our trade offerings, increase the efficiency of a service, or shorten timelines all together, it’s our promise to do so.

Our newest Lean practices embrace our futuristic mentality to always be improving while maintaining our aggressive commitment to safety:

  • Implementing 5S Methodology: the 5S system is a Lean manufacturing process designed to improve efficiency through organization; this practice has been most recently implemented in all our shops and warehouses.
  • Promoting My Good Idea: through Egan’s formal innovation program, My Good Idea, there have been over 200 business improvement ideas generated and shared within the first nine months of the year.
  • Eliminating Waste and Applying 30/30: waste is found in everything we do – at work, home, and play. There are eight types of waste we address: defects/ rework, over producing, waiting, not using employee talent/ideas, transportation, inventory, motion and extra processing. Most recently, the 30/30 Rule was applied on our jobsites. 30/30 is a method for eliminating waste that reminds us to have our tools, materials, or equipment within 30 feet or 30 seconds for efficiency.

By disrupting the status quo, we embrace innovation as an essential. Through the development of a continuous improvement mindset and fostering an environment where new ideas and efficiency improvements are welcome, innovation has become a part of the daily value we provide with our work and to our customers.

Building Rooms With a View

Monday, April 22nd, 2019

Downtown Minneapolis continues to grow in size as more high-rise buildings have joined its skyline in the last year. Former parking lots have converted into 20+ story apartment buildings in seemingly expedited fashion.

Egan Company’s InterClad team has played a role in adding to the exterior and interior beauty of multiple new construction high-rises. Last year, the team finished its scope of work on three luxurious apartment and condominium buildings throughout different downtown neighborhoods – and, even more high-rise work is kicking off for 2019.

“High-rise housing is a major draw for us right now,” said Todd Fechner, InterClad Operations Manager. “With our team’s experience, we’ve been able to build some great relationships with a few of our customers who are taking on these projects. In turn, we’re getting to partner with them again and again.”

Though high-rise housing and hospitality isn’t new for Egan, having simultaneous scopes of such massive sizes is – and, has become the new normal. With this, honing in on specialized glass handling equipment like SmartLifts has helped the team execute multiple big projects efficiently and safely.

Over the past year, Egan has invested in six SmartLift glass handling machines that have played a role in reducing soft tissues injuries on the job, as well as help speed up overall installation time.

“Throughout last years’ projects, we’ve learned how valuable these [SmartLifts] are,” said Fechner. “We strive to continue pushing the envelope when it comes to using innovation within our industry and utilizing SmartLifts have allowed us to remain cutting-edge. We’re excited about what the future looks like using them on upcoming projects.”

365 Nicollet

A 30-story, multi-family and retail development located on historic Nicollet Mall. This contemporary, urban living space includes 10,000 square feet of street level retail space and 370 high-end apartment units.  


  • 16,000 square feet of glazed aluminum curtainwall system
  • 120,000 square feet of pre-glazed windows and terrace doors
  • Custom metal panel system: reveal seam wall panels, flush seam soffet panels, and composite wall panels
  • All curtainwall and metal panels were prefabricated in Egan’s shop

The Legacy

This lavish condominium complex overlooks the Mississippi River in the Downtown East neighborhood of Minneapolis. It is complete with a 17-story tower, eight-story midsection, and 14-story riverfront tower that boasts 374 total units.  


  • 116,000 square feet of pre-glazed windows
  • 400 terrace doors
  • Custom profile flashing at each opening
  • All curtainwall was prefabricated in Egan’s shop

Rafter (Opening Summer 2019)

Adding more depth to the Northeast neighborhood of Minneapolis, this 26-story apartment building is complete with 283 units and 6,000 square feet of street level retail space.  


  • 47,000 square feet of pre-glazed windows and terrace doors
  • 7,400 square feet of glazed aluminum curtainwall and storefront
  • 20,000 square feet of insulated metal panels
  • 28,000 square feet of metal siding panels
  • Glass handrails and miscellaneous interior glazing
  • All curtainwall and storefront frames were prefabricated in Egan’s shop.

Work at U.S. Bank Stadium Leads to a Trip-of-a-Lifetime

Friday, September 7th, 2018

A dream came true for a football fan last April when Jason Lindula, Egan Company Safety Coordinator, was gifted a trip-of-a-lifetime.

Last spring, while renewing his tickets for this upcoming season, Lindula had the chance to enter a members-only drawing to win the ultimate 2018 NFL Draft experience. Not thinking twice about it, he opted in.

A few weeks later, he received a phone call he’d never forget – he had won!

The prize included an all-expenses-paid, five-day trip to Dallas, Texas to view the draft from VIP seating. And, even better, announce the Vikings late-round pick, Devante Downs, on national television.

Lindula joined the Egan team three years ago as Egan’s lead safety professional at U.S. Bank Stadium – home of the Minnesota Vikings. A long-time fan of the game, Lindula was inspired to become a season ticket holder after the time he spent at the stadium throughout the construction process.


Lindula particularly enjoyed connecting with fellow football fans from across the country and the opportunity to meet NFL Commissioner, Roger Goodell, and other NFL legends. The experience was truly unforgettable.

For photos and more information on Jason’s trip visit this link:

Evolving With Clean Energy

Wednesday, August 22nd, 2018


The explosion of the solar industry started after the 2013 Energy Omnibus Bill which mandated large utilities in the state to produce 1.5% of their electricity from solar power by 2020 and allowed for community solar array gardens. This bill also gave consumers an option to utilize solar farms for a portion of their electricity, so the reliance and demand for more solar panel installation and ground-mounted solar arrays skyrocketed.

Egan, having previous experience with the installation of solar panels on high-rise buildings, shopping centers, medical facilities, and business park campuses, recognized the opportunity and utilized our electrical expertise in a way we had never before – installing ground-mounted systems in fields, valleys, and swamps around Minnesota.

“We received a call to complete a 9 Megawatts (MW) solar panel farm in eight weeks, and we knew it was our chance to show what we can do and do it well,” said Carrie Thompson, Egan Company Project Manager.


Egan’s solar site projects vary in size, location, time of year, and type of solar panels – fixed-tilt or tracking. “Tracking” solar panels track the sun’s progress across the sky throughout the day, whereas the fixed-tilt solar panels stay in place. Last summer, 150 Egan electricians were on the 65-acre St. Joseph Solar Farm project to install 28,188 fixed-tilt solar panels.

This was a tight-deadline project, and Egan performed better than we thought possible. We had a contractual obligation to complete the community solar project in 40 days and Egan stepped up to complete the project on time. – Jamie Borell, IPS Solar Chief Operating Officer


The St. Joseph Solar Site produces 9 MW of electricity that Xcel Energy distributes to local subscribers of its solar garden program, all of which happen to be local school districts.
Egan had the role of lead contractor on this project and utilized both high-voltage and low-voltage electricians for all aspects of the process. Materials were prefabricated in our shop that provided safe working conditions and a faster schedule.

The 196 inverters were pre-mounted on a strut assembly (or racking system) and underground conduit stub-ups were prefabricated before going on site in St. Joseph.


Egan technicians continue to install solar panels year-round, and have installed ground mounts in all weather conditions. The safety of our employees remains our number one priority throughout every project, and Egan has taken measures to provide extra in the less than ideal circumstances — from providing hand warmers and cold-weather approved boots to sunscreen and rain suits.

The installation process also has certain risk factors – the solar panels are actively producing electricity as soon as they’re exposed to the sun, and a solar array farm is erected with multiple moving parts.

“Over the last two years, we’ve completed a large number of solar panel projects in all weather conditions on all types of terrain,” said Thompson. “We’re excited to continue to partner with our customers on these renewable energy projects.

Hiring Heroes

Thursday, August 16th, 2018

For many active duty military members, transitioning out of the service can be daunting. Finding housing, employment, and acclimating back into the routine of daily life is a huge hurdle to overcome. And, although disciplined and highly-trained, many military members still struggle with unemployment.

To help ease this process and address the growing shortage for skilled construction workers, the United Association Veterans in Piping (VIP) Program was created. This 18-week program prepares active-duty military members to leave the service with sought after skills that can lead to lifelong careers in the increasingly high-demand pipe trades.

Specifically, the nationally recognized program trains and transforms heroes into Union Plumbers, Pipefitters, Welders, and Service Technicians.

Ricky Martagon, Egan Company Pipefitter Apprentice, first heard about VIP at an exit seminar he attended was transitioning out of the United States Marine Corps.

Martagon served in the Marines for four years prior to joining Egan and obtained the rank of E5 Sergeant, as well as Shop Chief for his platoon. Though an admirable rank, he’s the first to admit he continually reminds himself his previous title now holds no “authority” on the construction site.

“At times, it is a little confusing for me, but a lot of the habits from the military are still very transferable to my new career,” Martagon said. “I still would do them every day with or without rank.”

Nonetheless, the shift from protecting the country to helping build it has been a natural fit for Martagon and 1,000+ other veterans that have gone through the VIP program since 2008.

“My experience [with VIP] couldn’t have been any better. The people were great, and the instructors were even better,” said Martagon, “By the time we finished the program, we were all good friends. I strongly encourage more service men and women to look into the course.”

Martagon has been with Egan since early this year and is one of two VIP pipefitters currently with the company.

A Fifty Year Partnership

Monday, February 5th, 2018

What started as a simple electrical upgrade by Egan Company in the early 1970s, has formed into a 50-year partnership with Westminster Presbyterian Church in Downtown Minneapolis. Over the last two decades, Westminster has completed four major projects with Egan that has transformed the building into a more modern-looking church while maintaining its historical culture.

Egan’s partnership with Westminster was formed through Industrial Electric Company, a company Egan acquired in 2011.

“We’ve had great partnerships with Westminster throughout all of its big projects,” said Gary Setala, Egan Company Account Executive. “They know how we work, they know we’ll get the job done, and they know we care – no matter what the project is.”

“Our most recent project, the Open Doors Open Futures project, was one of my favorites,” said Setala. “We were involved in the upgrading of electrical fixtures, an extensive exterior lighting addition, and the Grand Staircase light fixture…a beautiful, 55 foot chandelier with glass hand-blown in New York and assembled in Paris.”

As with previous projects at Westminster, the completion date was December 22 – just in time for Christmas services.

“The project schedule was very tight,” said John Kolb, Egan Company Field Leader. “As well as extremely fast-paced, but Westminster is always wonderful to work with. The projects are unique and unlike other projects we typically work on.”

The Christmas service attendees had the opportunity to view the completed Open Doors Open Futures project that includes new gardens and green spaces, improved underground parking and entries, and a new wing and plaza that opens up to Marquette and Nicollet Avenues.

“It has been a wonderful experience working with Egan Company throughout this project. The attitude is always positive, and we’re looking forward to continuing a long relationship.”

– Dennis Alfton, Westminster Presbyterian Church Director of Operations

Core Project Team: M.A. Mortenson Construction, Westminster Presbyterian Church, James Dayton Design

Services Provided: exterior and interior LED lighting, lighting control and distribution system, mechanical equipment wiring, general purpose power wiring, audiovisual conduit system