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Safety Measures Add Up

Wednesday, January 31st, 2024

“Safety first” is more than just a saying at Egan Company. It is a foundational belief that paves the way for great work, successful projects, and most importantly, the health and safety of our team. In 2023, Egan renewed our commitment to safety by prioritizing the core value and putting it first each and every day. 

This enhanced focus on safety resulted in our lowest recordable incident rate in Egan history: 1.27 (down from 1.95 in 2022). We are proud to be significantly below the industry average, thanks to the hard work of our employees. This number represents a number of things: the amount of injuries recorded throughout the year, the impact of incidents per hours worked, and of course, the hard work that goes into minimizing risks on the job site and reducing workplace injuries. Achieving a record-low incident rate required a daily commitment by every team and every individual, whether they were working from home, in the office, or on job sites. This number shows that our efforts pay off, and a future with zero workplace incidents is possible. 


Every day, Egan employees show up to work dedicated to the task at-hand and the safety of themselves, their colleagues, and their environment. By taking time to put safety first, we were able to do better work and go home safely.

This was done in a number of ways:

Daily Safety Planning – Before beginning work each morning on job sites, our crews participated in Daily Safety Planning, which outlined the day ahead and discussed potential hazards, risks, and considerations for teams to be aware of. Starting the day with a focus on safety helps set the tone and establish expectations on the job site.  

Toolbox Talks – Each week, Egan field leaders conduct “Toolbox Talks,” sharing important company updates and messages to their teams. Included in these weekly updates are important safety reminders and focuses, which often center around specific safety tips, equipment handling, or other necessary safety messaging.

Safety Lunches – Hard work does not go unrewarded. Teams who went injury free in a month during 2023 were recognized with a lunch. This helped reinforce our initiatives and reward the efforts made by each team throughout the year. 

Safety Absolutes – Through 11 specific messages, Egan has established non-negotiable safety expectations for every employee to follow. These absolutes are guiding principles for how we can ensure safety in everything that we do.

Individual and Team Efforts – Each team member, whether they work in the field, in the office, at home, or anywhere in between, plays a part in creating a safe work environment. We all contribute to a culture of safety and teamwork everywhere we go. 


While Egan achieved a record-low incident rate in 2023, our goal is zero injuries. We are continuing to work together to meet that goal and ensure every team member can go home at the end of the work day without injuries or near-misses. Everything adds up on the jobsite and in the office to lead to zero injuries and a safe work environment. 

“It’s inspiring to reflect on our achievements throughout 2023,” said Reid Romer, Egan Company Safety Director. “For the past 18 months, we’ve shifted our mindset to integrate safety and risk assessment into how we pursue, plan, and execute work. When we  manage our risk well on the front end, the results will follow. The result is a signal that we are building a strong balance between safety, quality, and production. This is important because safety is our leading core value. Our industry and customers are elevating their standards, so leading with safety is necessary to be sustainable. We’re on the cusp of what we’d consider best-in-class performance within our industry. It is the leadership within our organization, from our CEO to field leaders, that contribute to our culture of safety and instill that value in everyone who wears an Egan hard hat.” 

Why Does Your Facility Need Drain Cleaning?

Thursday, January 25th, 2024

From preventative maintenance to emergency service, drain and pipe cleaning can make all the difference in the efficiency and effectiveness of sewer drains and pipes. Commercial sites and industrial drains need to be cleaned and maintained regularly to prevent damage and ensure proper flow. Without drain cleaning and maintenance, you may run into clogs that can turn costly quickly. 

In addition to cost and efficiency, regular drain cleaning services are necessary for commercial properties to ensure: 


Commercial spaces often have many people coming in and out, and facilities including restrooms, sinks, water fountains, and other systems are used frequently every day. Over time, this increased traffic can lead to debris, dirt, food, and other substances building up in drains, which can cause clogs and blockages. Regular maintenance and drain cleaning can flush the systems and prevent these issues before they become problematic. Drain cleaning and flushes keep the pipes and systems throughout your facility clean, and can prevent odors, clogs, and blockages.

Untreated  drains are hazardous and dangerous for any commercial setting. Clogged drains can become breeding grounds for bacteria, mold, and other harmful pathogens. Hygiene is crucial for facilities, and neglecting drain cleaning can pose serious health risks to employees, customers, and visitors. By keeping drains clean and free from buildup, businesses can maintain a healthy environment and minimize the risk of illnesses and infections.


Blocked drains can put excessive strain on plumbing systems, leading to premature wear and tear. Preventative maintenance can help reduce costly repairs and replacements of underground plumbing. Establishing a regular drain cleaning schedule with a local commercial plumbing contractor can help keep your drains and pipes operating in full and can limit potential damage. This proactive approach saves money in the long run and ensures uninterrupted operations.

Many commercial industries, such as restaurants and healthcare facilities, are subject to strict regulations regarding hygiene and wastewater management. Regular drain cleaning helps businesses comply with these regulations, avoiding potential fines and penalties. Plus, clogged drains can quickly become the source of unpleasant odors, which can turn off visitors. It is best for everyone to get ahead of it and keep your drains and piping clear! 


Keeping drain pipes clear requires key equipment and the right team leading the way. Egan Company’s plumbing and drain cleaning technicians utilize a variety of tools and equipment, including cameras that can help inspect hundreds of feet of piping to find any problems or blockages that may exist. The team then  uses high-pressure jetting, grease traps, augers, and pumping equipment to clear the drains and ensure everything is clear. Preventative measures can also help in the long-term durability and functionality of the piping. Egan’s plumbing and drain cleaning team have a large set of tools and techniques they can use in order to help your systems run smoothly. 

Looking for drain cleaning and commercial plumbing services in the Twin Cities? Egan Company’s 24/7 service can help with preventative maintenance and emergency repairs for your commercial and industrial drains, piping, and plumbing. Learn more about our service or give us a call today. 

Leading By Example: Jason Rosati

Thursday, January 4th, 2024
Jason Rosati

As a second-year student in Anoka Technical College’s Electrical Construction program, Jason Rosati, current Egan Company Vice President of Electrical Special Projects, was appointed to the Construction Electrician Advisory Committee. Since 1996, he has served on the committee and was elected by his peers to lead as chairperson in 2014. 

Rosati brings a variety of experience and industry knowledge to his role as chairperson of the committee: student, Electrician, Project Manager, Group Leader, and Vice President of Egan’s Electrical Special Projects team. His background helps in his role and the responsibilities he takes on, including assisting the department head, seeking input from the other members to develop meeting agendas, and facilitating the meetings twice a year at the college. 

The Anoka Technical College Advisory Committee is made up of members of the faculty, two student representatives, the Dean of Academics, Minneapolis JATC, Minnesota Electrical Association, and five electrical contractors. The committee meets twice a year to review curriculum, consult on class syllabi, discuss new and emerging trends in the industry, and support students as they prepare for a career as electricians. The group recently held mock interviews for students to prepare for their job search and receive feedback from industry veterans. 

Rosati has been a part of Egan’s Electrical team since 2002. He started working in the field as a Journeyman and Field Leader in commercial and light industrial work. He also worked as a Project Manager before becoming the Operations Manager for Egan’s Electrical Special Projects team. Now, serving as the Vice President of Electrical Special Projects, Rosati embraces innovation and uses his deep understanding of the industry to help move Egan forward.

“It is a great honor to be part of the Construction Electrician Advisory Committee,” said Rosati. “It means I am able to share my perspective of the industry, as my roles have changed since I walked these same halls, which has helped shape our current and future workforce. I hope to bring forth industry needs and trends for curriculum development to ensure graduating students have what they need to be successful in their future.”