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Providing Meals To Local Families

Wednesday, November 29th, 2023

During the month of November, Egan Company employees in the Twin Cities and Rochester volunteered their time at local food shelves to help families and organizations in need. Approximately 1 in 6 neighbors experience food insecurity in Minnesota, which includes 1 in 11 kids who don’t have regular access to the nutrition needed to thrive. These events sought to alleviate the stress and burden of a lack of access to food in our communities.

At Second Harvest Heartland in Brooklyn Park, 29 Egan employees volunteered to sort and pack food with members of the community. Second Harvest Heartland is an organization working to curb food insecurity and hunger in 59 counties throughout Minnesota and Wisconsin. The food bank collects donated and rescued foods in large quantities and distributes orders to individuals, families and local schools and other organizations. Second Harvest Heartland is an advocate on local, state, and federal levels to support communities and families.

The Southern Minnesota team volunteered in Rochester at Channel One Regional Food Bank on November 28. Channel One serves people experiencing hunger across 14 counties in southeastern Minnesota and western Wisconsin through food shelves, pantries, and programs. Last year, Channel One distributed 10,990,644 pounds of food to those facing food insecurity.

“I volunteered for the Second Harvest Heartland event because I believe in helping others and making a positive impact on my community,” said Jason Kellerhuis, Egan Company Senior Project Manager in the InterClad team. “It’s also a great way to learn new skills, meet new people, and make friends. Volunteering at this event or others like it is important for Egan Company and its employees because it reflects our core values and culture.”

Egan employees regularly stay involved with volunteering opportunities, including Bikes4Kids, Memorial Center blood drives, and making tie blankets. More information on our Community Involvement can be found here.


Friday, November 17th, 2023
Paul Liveringhouse headshot

Paul Liveringhouse, Business Group Manager for Egan’s Outdoor Electrical Group, has been appointed to serve as Vice President of the Minnesota Utility Contractors Association’s (MUCA) Board of Directors.

MUCA is the leading voice for the underground construction industry. Their mission is to promote the underground utility industry by providing safety training, continuing education, scholarships, and legislative relations. Paul is joining nine other board members at MUCA.

Paul has been at Egan Company for over 20 years, with a breadth of experience and knowledge within the electrical industry, particularly in traffic management systems, road weather information systems, lighting, and signals.

“It is an honor to serve as Vice President of MUCA. This role will continue to help me build strong relationships in our industry. I will enjoy helping to guide the organization to benefit its members in regards to safety training, continuing education, and legislative relations. I hope to bring a different vision being the only electrical contractor on the board,” said Paul Liveringhouse.


Thursday, November 16th, 2023

RALEIGH, NC – Egan Company, a specialty contractor and systems integrator with headquarters in Champlin, Minn., announced its expansion to North Carolina.

With its long standing relationships with customers in Cary, Egan’s Industrial Controls business is onboarding local team members to support and serve new and ongoing projects.

“We’re excited for this opportunity in North Carolina. Over the last year, we noticed a shift in the market with an increased need to support new projects,” said Grant Price, Egan Company Vice President of Industrial Controls. “We remain dedicated to our valued, long-time customer relationships and are looking forward to extending our reach and services to new customers in the region.”

Egan’s business in Cary provides system integration engineering services to food, beverage, and manufacturing industries.

About Egan Company

Egan Company is a privately-owned, specialty contractor providing building trades to general contractors, engineers, building owners, property managers, and facility engineers. Specialties include: electrical, mechanical, curtainwall/glazing/metal panels (InterClad), millwrights, building technology, controls and system integration, and 24/7 service. Egan serves every stage of a building and provides in-house expertise in planning, design and engineering, construction, and maintenance. For more information about Egan Company, visit

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What is a Millwright?

Wednesday, November 8th, 2023

In the vast world of industrial machinery, there exists a specialized group of craftspeople known as millwrights. These skilled individuals play a crucial role in assembling, installing, and maintaining the intricate machinery that powers various industries. From factories and power plants to refineries and manufacturing facilities, millwrights ensure the smooth operation of heavy machinery. Egan Company millwrights have been working on projects across the Twin Cities since 1999, and are equipped with the knowledge and expertise to assist you. 


A millwright is a highly skilled tradesperson who specializes in the installation, maintenance, repair, and dismantling of heavy machinery found in industrial settings, such as factories, power plants, construction sites, and manufacturing facilities. The term “millwright” has historical roots, referring to those who originally worked on flour mills and other mechanical systems.


  • Machinery Installation: Millwrights are experts at assembling and installing large-scale machinery, including conveyor systems, turbines, generators, pumps, compressors, and other intricate equipment. They interpret engineering drawings, align components, and ensure everything is properly connected.
  • Machinery Maintenance: Millwrights are responsible for conducting regular inspections, preventive maintenance, and repairs on machinery to ensure optimal performance and prevent breakdowns. They use diagnostic tools, such as vibration analysis equipment, to detect potential issues before they escalate.
  • Machinery Repair: When machinery malfunctions or breaks down, millwrights spring into action. They troubleshoot the problem, identify faulty components, and replace or repair them accordingly. This involves working with various tools, such as wrenches, welding equipment, precision measuring instruments, and even computerized diagnostic software.
  • Machinery Alignment: Precision is critical in the functioning of machinery. Millwrights meticulously align and level equipment, ensuring all parts are properly positioned and calibrated to meet exact specifications. This involves using specialized laser alignment tools and techniques.
  • Safety and Compliance: Millwrights prioritize safety and adhere to strict occupational health and safety regulations. They take precautionary measures to secure machinery, install safety guards, and implement lockout/tagout procedures to protect workers from accidents during maintenance or repair activities.


  • Millwrights possess a deep understanding of mechanical principles and systems, enabling them to comprehend complex machinery and troubleshoot issues effectively.
  • They are well-versed in using various tools, machinery, and equipment relevant to their trade, including welding machines, cutting torches, rigging gear, and precision measurement instruments.
  • Millwrights can interpret technical drawings, schematics, and blueprints, allowing them to understand equipment specifications and assemble machinery accurately.
  • Millwrights excel at analyzing and solving complex mechanical problems. They possess a sharp eye for detail, can think critically, and approach challenges with a systematic mindset.
  • The job of a millwright often requires working in physically demanding environments, climbing heights, and maneuvering heavy machinery. Physical fitness, agility, and adaptability are essential attributes.

Millwrights are the backbone of industrial machinery, silently ensuring the smooth operation and longevity of vital equipment. Their expertise in installation, maintenance, and repair plays a significant role in keeping industries running efficiently. At Egan, our expert millwrights will assist you on projects big and small. From the moment a massive piece of machinery arrives at a site to its regular upkeep and occasional repair, Egan’s millwright workers are the skilled professionals who handle it all. Egan Millwright Specialties>