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Video Series: We Are Egan Pipefitters

Wednesday, February 28th, 2018

Throughout 2018, we’re highlighting each of our skilled tradespeople and the wide scope of offerings our company provides with our Trade Video Series. This month, the spotlight is on Egan’s expert Pipefitters!

And, in case you missed our previously featured trades, you can still check all of them out here: Millwrights, Iron Workers, and Glaziers.

The Power of Packing Food

Monday, February 26th, 2018

For a third year, Egan Company opened its doors in Champlin to host the Feed My Starving Children Northwest Metro MobilePack. The event took place from February 20-25th and welcomed more than 4,000 members from surrounding communities to unite and pack food for children in need around the world.

Over the span of six days, 1,209,384 meals were packed which will provide food for 3,313 children for an entire year.

Egan employees are committed to supporting organizations like Feed My Starving Children that provide resources to our local communities and beyond. Throughout the event, more than 100 Egan employees volunteered their time to work and/or pack food at the event.

Feed My Starving Children is a local nonprofit hunger relief organization working with volunteers to produce a scientifically formulated food formula that is culturally acceptable worldwide. Organizations in nearly 70 countries around the world distribute these meals to children in greatest need.

Find photos from this year’s event on our Facebook page!

We Are Egan – Tim Miller

Wednesday, February 21st, 2018

“If you’re not enjoying what you’re doing, you owe it to yourself and those around you to change what is needed in your life. That’s what great about Egan! We have assembled the best group of people I have ever seen in one place who enjoy what they do.”

Meet Tim Miller, Service Technical Support who has been with Egan over 26 years.

A fun fact about Tim: he used to be a gunner on a traveling team that competitively shot an authentic Civil War cannon. He didn’t do full reenactments, but wore a full uniform and authentic sidearm.

Our company is shaped by who we are, not just what we do. Together, we are Egan.

We Are Egan – Dennis Belanger

Thursday, February 8th, 2018

“From field leaders to project managers and support staff, all the great people I get to work with is my favorite part about Egan.”

Meet Dennis Belanger, Electrical Field Leader with Egan for over 20 years.

Though he doesn’t play, a hobby of Dennis’ is guitars – specifically the electric guitar. The love of music has a special role within his marriage as well as he enjoys spending time playing roadie for his musician wife, Barbara, on her “Mid-Life Crisis Tour”. During the summer, the two of them can also be found heading north to their camper.

Our company is shaped by who we are, not just what we do. Together, we are Egan.

A Fifty Year Partnership

Monday, February 5th, 2018

What started as a simple electrical upgrade by Egan Company in the early 1970s, has formed into a 50-year partnership with Westminster Presbyterian Church in Downtown Minneapolis. Over the last two decades, Westminster has completed four major projects with Egan that has transformed the building into a more modern-looking church while maintaining its historical culture.

Egan’s partnership with Westminster was formed through Industrial Electric Company, a company Egan acquired in 2011.

“We’ve had great partnerships with Westminster throughout all of its big projects,” said Gary Setala, Egan Company Account Executive. “They know how we work, they know we’ll get the job done, and they know we care – no matter what the project is.”

“Our most recent project, the Open Doors Open Futures project, was one of my favorites,” said Setala. “We were involved in the upgrading of electrical fixtures, an extensive exterior lighting addition, and the Grand Staircase light fixture…a beautiful, 55 foot chandelier with glass hand-blown in New York and assembled in Paris.”

As with previous projects at Westminster, the completion date was December 22 – just in time for Christmas services.

“The project schedule was very tight,” said John Kolb, Egan Company Field Leader. “As well as extremely fast-paced, but Westminster is always wonderful to work with. The projects are unique and unlike other projects we typically work on.”

The Christmas service attendees had the opportunity to view the completed Open Doors Open Futures project that includes new gardens and green spaces, improved underground parking and entries, and a new wing and plaza that opens up to Marquette and Nicollet Avenues.

“It has been a wonderful experience working with Egan Company throughout this project. The attitude is always positive, and we’re looking forward to continuing a long relationship.”

– Dennis Alfton, Westminster Presbyterian Church Director of Operations

Core Project Team: M.A. Mortenson Construction, Westminster Presbyterian Church, James Dayton Design

Services Provided: exterior and interior LED lighting, lighting control and distribution system, mechanical equipment wiring, general purpose power wiring, audiovisual conduit system

Shining Some Light on Super Bowl LII

Friday, February 2nd, 2018

All eyes are on Minneapolis this winter as U.S. Bank Stadium hosts Super Bowl LII. More than a million visitors are expected across the Twin Cities – and Egan has played a subtle role in improving the safety of downtown for the influx of pedestrians.

While most of us see the larger construction projects occurring around the metro with the new hotels and restaurants, Egan has been busy improving the lighting across the city and local airports to make it brighter, more aesthetically appealing, and of course, safer.

Downtown Minneapolis pedestrian improvements

Renovating and replacing light poles, fixtures, and luminaries throughout downtown Minneapolis and the blocks surrounding the stadium was just a start. More than 30 light poles and fixtures and 60 luminaries were replaced with more modern LED lighting, which not only looks sharper, but is also more energy efficient.

In addition to the lighting upgrades, Egan installed more than 30 Accessible Pedestrian Signal (APS) push button stations. These APS stations improve the safety of pedestrians at busy intersections.

MSP runways upgraded for heavy Super Bowl traffic

While downtown Minneapolis is the final destination for the big game, many visitors will be flying into Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport in the days prior to kickoff. In conjunction, Egan constructed extensive airside lighting repairs to upgrade MSP runways.

The team provided the removal and replacement for over 150 elevated and more than 100 in-pavement runway guard lightings. Additionally, 334 taxi way airfield signs were upgraded with LED kits.

Super Bowl private-jet hub at Holman Field

Down the road from MSP is Holman Field Airport in downtown St. Paul, which is gearing up to be the private-jet hub for the Super Bowl. In preparation, Egan provided the installation of all new light poles, fixtures, taxiway lights, and flag poles to get ready for the VIP flyers.

The Twin Cities and its local airports are now safer, brighter, and ready for some football.

Services Provided: Light poles, LED fixtures, APS push button stations, runway guard lights, taxiway lights, elevated RGLs, in-pavement RGLs, airfield signs, flag poles