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Honoring Veterans on Memorial Day

Tuesday, May 30th, 2023

This past Memorial Day weekend, a group of Egan Company employees volunteered with Flags for Fort Snelling to place American flags at the headstones of fallen soldiers at Fort Snelling National Cemetery

Flags for Fort Snelling is a local organization that amplifies the remembrance of our fallen soldiers. Since 2015, volunteers have placed flags at the headstones to honor the American Heroes laid to rest at Fort Snelling on Memorial Day. In 2015, it started with 15 volunteers and 2,7000 American flags; it has since grown to hundreds of volunteers who ensure that every headstone has a flag (over 200,000 flags placed).

“As a veteran myself, it is a simple act that I can do to honor the previous generations’ accomplishments and sacrifices and to keep the memory of them from fading into lost history,” shared Ron Hillberg, Egan Company Limited Energy Technician and Flags for Fort Snelling volunteer.

Rob Steffens, Egan Company Pipefitter who also volunteered stated, “As a 30+ year retired veteran, my family and I believe it is important to remember and not forget the approximately 1% of Americans that proudly gave of themselves for the freedoms we all enjoy every day.”

This is the second year Egan employees have supported Flags for Fort Snelling.

Walking for a Worthy Cause

Monday, May 8th, 2023

Opportunities to give back locally with our community partners throughout the year are boundless. This month, Egan Company has supported the Animal Humane Society through its Walk for Animals fundraising event.

According to its website, the Animal Humane Society provides care and services to nearly 100,000 animals every year. There are three local adoption centers in the Twin Cities.

On May 6, 2023, members of the Egan team volunteered with the Animal Humane Society to take part in its Walk for Animals at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds. Many employees gave financial support as well, with a company match from Egan resulting in a $2,944 donation.

I’m passionate about giving back to the Animal Humane Society because I’m an avid animal lover and they are an important part of our community. They aren’t only an adoption center; they provide support by offering training classes, camps and low cost veterinary care through a strong community outreach program. AHS is the first place people with animals think of in a crisis and often on a large scale. This could be supporting displaced pets due to natural disasters or providing no-cost services to local law enforcement in cases related to or involving animals. The Animal Humane Society helps make our community a better place and provides a much needed second chance for animals in need.

Rachel Welt, Egan Company Corporate Accounting Controller

For more information about the Animal Humane Society, visit its website.

April is National Volunteer Month

Thursday, April 20th, 2023

Who we are as a company is far more than just what we do at the jobsite. One unique part of Egan Company’s mission is our commitment to enhancing the communities that we live and work in. By volunteering with a variety of organizations that our team members are passionate about, we’ve been able to cultivate rewarding volunteer opportunities for our employees and community. 

In honor of National Volunteer Month, we’ve asked a few of our people why they volunteer and here’s what we heard:

  • Tony Lawrence, Electrician: “I volunteer to pay it forward to show people that kindness is still around, for people that are in need of something I can help with.”
  • Jason Leeds, Plumber: “I volunteer because it is my way of giving back to my trade and the younger generation.”
  • Ross Noak, Senior Vice President: “I volunteer as a way to give back to groups and communities that may need a little extra help. It brings me joy knowing these gestures may make all the difference in someone’s life at the time they need it the most.”
  • Chad Reickard, Senior Controls Engineer: “I volunteer because I know what it’s like to struggle through trials in life and how it feels when no one understands what you are going through. I hope that my small act of kindness can somewhat reduce the pain or struggle that someone else is going through and make their day brighter.”
  • Megan Ring, HR Generalist: “The biggest reason I volunteer is I find purpose in being able to help and give back to others in need & hopefully make a positive impact on their day or life. Being able to volunteer and make a difference in someone’s life not only helps them, but brings joy and a sense of meaning to my own life.”
  • Jason Rosati, Vice President: “I have had so many great opportunities in my life because someone took the time to volunteer, it is my way of paying back.”
  • Brett Schaber, Support Operations Manager: “I volunteer because I love being able to give back to the communities that we live and work in. Many people’s personal lives may not allow them the time to volunteer after hours. It’s a great feeling being a part of a company that sees value in the time and effort it takes to volunteer.”

A few of the organizations we’ve volunteered within the last year include: Fishing for Life, Second Harvest Heartland, Bikes4Kids, and Flags for Fort Snelling. 

Working together, we can make an impact on our community and beyond!

Women in Construction Week 2023

Monday, March 13th, 2023

The month of March marks not only Women’s History Month, but also recognizes Women in Construction! Only 10% of the construction industry is made up of women and as such we believe it’s important to celebrate and encourage all women who are blazing the trail for other women to join the industry. Egan Company was a corporate sponsor of this year’s celebration, revolving around the theme of “Many Paths, One Mission.”

Throughout the week, the National Association of Women in Construction hosted a series of local and national events. A few of the events that our Egan team members attended included:

  • Pioneers in Skirts Viewing hosted by Dunwoody College of Technology at Ungerman: attendees watched and discussed this social impact documentary and met Peggy Flanagan, Minnesota’s 50th Lieutenant Governor. 
  • Industry Showcase & Happy Hour hosted by Women in NECA: participants networked with peers and learned about local trade associations and organizations.
  • Rosies of the Rail hosted by Lunda Construction: a roundtable discussion was held around the question “What is your ideal work day?” with members of the Southwest Light Rail Transit project team. Egan’s in-house General Counsel, Erin Neils, was a panelist for the event.
  • Women’s Leadership Panel & Brunch hosted by JE Dunn Construction: women leaders in the industry shared some of the knowledge and experience they’ve built over their careers. 

Many Paths, One Mission.


Wednesday, February 22nd, 2023

Making a difference in our community is a critical part of who we are at Egan Company. We are grateful for the opportunity to give back locally with our community partners throughout the year. This month, we’re highlighting Fishing for Life.

Founded in 2004, Fishing for Life is a local nonprofit whose mission is to “serve youth, families, veterans, and communities through fishing and outdoor programs.” They host a variety of events and mentoring programs in hopes of creating relationships with at-risk youth and their families in the Twin Cities area. Programs held include men and women’s groups, military R&R, garage sale/boat auction, mentoring programs, fishing camps, mobile trout ponds, and other lake events.

In February, members of the Egan team were able to volunteer with Fishing for Life’s annual Armed Forces Ice Fishing Tournament. Through this tournament, volunteers and participants alike were able to honor the armed forces who have served our country and the sacrifices they’ve made. 

Assistant Project Manager for Egan’s Electrical Special Projects team, Sue Steuernagel has been volunteering with Fishing for Life for a decade, stating, “Volunteering as a family and getting others involved has many worthy benefits. Children watch everything you do. By giving back to the community, you show them firsthand how volunteering makes a difference and how good it feels to help other people. My daughter has been volunteering since she was 8 years old and my son 10 years old. All these years of volunteering with Fishing for Life helped inspire my son to join the army as well.”

Last summer, Egan hosted a Rod & Reel Rebuild day at the Champlin office in partnership with Fishing for Life, and will host the event again this upcoming summer. During the event, employees work together to rebuild rods and reels that are donated to the local community and beyond. Leading up to the event, an equipment drive was held to donate rods, reels, and tackle equipment.

Steuernagel again said, “I volunteer because it makes me feel good to give back, and most people I encounter truly do appreciate it.  And it sends a great message to my kids. The more I’m able to give, the happier I feel.”

For more information on Fishing for Life, visit their website.

Advancing Hands-On Trade Experience with Lake Street Works

Thursday, January 5th, 2023

Prior to this year, an after-school program that furthers career skills for high school students in South Minneapolis was unheard of. Seeing this gap, Jess Coykendall alongside others formed what would soon be known as Lake Street Works (LSW).

LSW serves the South Minneapolis community by providing seniors in high school with the opportunity to learn more about construction trades as well as general life skills. Many of the students in this urban area would otherwise not have access to these resources within their school or home life.


  • Students meet twice a week after school and are paid to attend (much like having an after school job)
  • At the end of the program, graduates of LSW will be equipped to either enter full-time employment, apply for an apprenticeship/specialty trade certification, or enroll in a post-secondary technical training program. 
  • The inaugural class of Lake Street Works will graduate in June 2023. 

Several Egan leaders, Kurt Johnson, ATS Director of Sales, Jason Rosati, Vice President of Electrical Special Projects, and Mike Tengwall, Senior Vice President of Electrical, were guest speakers to the class and shared about their experiences in the trades as well as answered any questions the students had.

Egan also donated work shirts and PPE for all of the students who are part of the LSW program. In the coming year, Egan’s Mechanical team will be working with Ryan Companies to assist in designing and building their new training center. 

For more information visit the Lake Street Works website.

Recapping Egan’s 2022 Shareholder Giving

Tuesday, January 3rd, 2023

One of our favorite parts of closing out the year is sharing the local impact of our annual shareholder giving! Throughout the month of December, Egan Company shareholders selected a variety of different nonprofits to receive charitable donations. The majority of these were then hand-delivered to representatives of these organizations around the holidays. The selected causes that align with Egan’s purpose and values included:

Learn more about these special organizations and their missions through the links above.

Supporting Local Area Schools to Further Trade Careers

Friday, September 30th, 2022

Over the course of the year, Egan Company has supported the local Osseo Area Schools in several ways to further the future workforce by promoting careers in the construction trade industry. 

Earlier this spring, our Human Resources team participated in mock interviews with high school students who were nearing their high school graduation. Through practicing and receiving feedback, students were equipped to feel more comfortable entering the job market. 

“We saw a huge turnout at this Mock Interview event. It was great to see students take our comments to heart and will go into interviews now knowing much more than before. We also got to promote the opportunities in the construction industry while speaking with them,” said Egan Human Resources Generalist Tracy Pease.

Further supporting this district, Egan also provided a spaghetti dinner for the Osseo High School Track and Field student athletes before they had their final home meet of the season. During the meal, they heard about the futures that trades careers provide and the doors that are opened when working in the field. Jeremy Quam, Egan Company Project Manager, was able to provide them with a look into the industry and how it had impacted his life. 

“I was able to encourage the students at Osseo High School about different career paths in the construction industry, the excellent training and benefits they’ll receive, as well as the career development opportunities that are presented at a place like Egan,” states Jeremy Quam.

“THANK YOU EGAN COMPANY! Osseo Track and Field continues to be in awe of your generosity and desire to come alongside our program to help meet the needs on and off the track. [We] are humbled, but oh so excited for the opportunities.”

John Rundquist of the Osseo Track & Field Program

Egan also participated in a career fair at Park Center Senior High at the end of the school year for students and their parents, sharing more about job openings and potential career opportunities for the future.

Staying involved and giving back to the local community is a crucial part of who Egan is as an organization. Students are the future of the workforce and we’re proud to support career development in our local community. 

Interested in career opportunities for your students? Visit

2022 Grunerud-Egan Scholarship Awarded

Thursday, July 7th, 2022

For the second year in a row, in partnership with Sr. Project Manager Dane Grunerud, Egan Company awarded two deserving students with the Grunerud-Egan Scholarship for the upcoming school year.  Based on generations of support for higher education in Grunerud’s family, this scholarship was founded to help others achieve their educational goals related to construction, engineering, and the trades.

Many employees as well as children and grandchildren of Egan employees applied. Selection of awarded recipients was based on financial need, involvement in the community or extracurricular activities, academic activities, and essay/video response. 

Congratulations to the $1,000 scholarship recipients, Carter Leither and Cassandra Jensen! Leither is an incoming freshman at Minnesota State University, Mankato studying Civil Engineering and is the son of Egan Project Manager, Tony Leither. Jensen is studying HVAC Service as part of her apprenticeship schooling and works with Egan’s Service team.

More information about the Grunerud-Egan Scholarship.

Left: Carter Leither and Tony Leither with Dane Grunerud and James Ford. Right: Cassandra Jensen pictured with Dane Grunerud and James Ford

Local Impact Through Water’s Off

Monday, March 28th, 2022

In Minnesota, March 26th marked the 28th annual “Water’s Off” event where local union plumbers donated their time to provide proper plumbing maintenance and repair to those in need while raising awareness of water conservation. In 1994, the local unions were looking for ways to spread awareness of the importance of preserving water. They quickly found that often those who had the highest water bills were those who couldn’t afford their bills, nor the necessary maintenance and repair of the residential plumbing systems. To fill this need, “Water’s Off” was formed, partnering with trades personnel and contractors to access necessary resources. Now, one Saturday every spring, local union plumbers donate their time to help those in need.

Dave Lillback, one of Egan Company’s Plumbers was able to donate his time and use his Egan truck to participate in the event alongside many other union plumbers. Lillback has been involved in the event since 2005. “It’s a really cool opportunity to give back to the community while breaking the stigma of the union trades.” says Lilliback. “We’re able to help people who really are deserving.”

According to the Minnesota Pipe Trades website, on average 130 volunteers participate. While the event started locally in Minnesota, it has since spread to other locations as well. In the fall, local pipefitters volunteer in a similar event called “Heat’s On” that provides those in need with furnace repairs. 

For more information on the event, visit Minnesota Pipe Trades.