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A Specialty Sustainability Contractor

Environmental considerations and sustainable practices are leading the direction of the construction industry. Egan Company is uniquely positioned to integrate new technologies, practices, and projects to meet the demand of green initiatives and prepare project owners for the future of the industry. Egan’s process, from planning to design to construction, is aligned with decarbonization and sustainability goals, and can help your next project move forward.

Take Advantage of New Opportunities

  • Retrofitting existing buildings with new, efficient, clean technologies
  • Planning and designing new buildings with decarbonization in mind
  • Upgrading equipment such as HVAC systems, lighting, building controls, and more
  • Installing and promoting the use of electric vehicle (EV) charging stations
  • Choosing low-carbon construction materials
  • Integrating carbon capture and battery storage systems into new builds
  • Empowering building owners to generate their own clean energy through on-site solar and other technology
  • Educating building owners on tax incentives and benefits of incorporating decarbonization practices into projects

Serving Your Social Impact Goals

The goal of decarbonization is to reduce and eventually eliminate carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. Currently, the United States has a goal to operate with net-zero emissions by 2050. Property owners, general contractors, and builders have the opportunity to be at the forefront of these initiatives through a number of sustainable and responsible practices.


Achieving decarbonization goals begins with clean energy and electrification. Egan’s low- and medium-voltage expertise is leading the charge, and project teams are already helping general contractors, building owners, and facility managers adopt these technologies  and practices into their new and existing projects, including:

  • Energy Efficient Retrofits
  • EV Charging Stations
  • Battery Storage
  • Smart Building Technologies

Find Electrification Solutions


On both a large and small scale, renewable energy can make a difference in the performance of your property management as well as the local community. Partnering with local electrical and mechanical experts will enable building owners and facility managers to integrate clean, sustainable power into their practices, including:

  • Solar farms
  • On-site solar
  • Building-integrated photovoltaics (BIPV)
  • Geothermal technology

Explore Renewable Capabilities

The projects implemented today will affect generations to come. Work with a specialty contractor who is already focused on sustainability and decarbonization goals.

Contact: Mike Tengwall, Senior Vice President // // 763.595.4314

Integrate Sustainability Into Your Projects

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