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Field Opportunities in Diverse Specialty Trades

Looking to work on jobsites as part of Egan’s project team? With our wide-spanning specialties, we’re able to offer field positions in nearly every skilled trade in the industry. And, many trades roles require no experience so you can start immediately in a pre-apprentice role.

Egan offers exciting field job opportunities in the following specialties: electrician, pipefitter, plumber, sheet metal worker, ironworker, glazier or glassworker, millwright, low voltage technician, electrical lineman, or equipment operator.



Design, install, maintain, and troubleshoot electrical wiring systems

Electrical Linemen

Build and maintain electrical power systems

Operating Engineers

Maintain and operate building and industrial complexes


Install iron or steel beams, girders, and columns; create ornamental finishes

Glaziers & Glassworker

Cuts, installs, and replaces glass, aluminum storefront frames, and curtainwall

Limited Energy Technicians

Design, install, maintain, and troubleshoot low-voltage electrical wiring systems


Installs, assembles, fabricates, maintains, and repairs mechanical piping systems


Install and repair water supply lines, waste disposal systems, and related appliances and fixtures

Sheet Metal Workers

Creates, installs, and repairs sheet metal products


Install, maintain, and precisely place large machinery


Preparing for an “office job” often starts with working within the trades! Often, qualified field leaders are considered for office roles, which require management potential and skill. Contact us for available opportunities at Here’s what we typically hire for:

3d Modeler

3D Modelers have a mechanical or electrical construction background in the trades, but an interest, on the job skill, and, sometimes, training in 3D drawing of electrical, piping, plumbing, and sheet metal systems in AutoCAD or another program.

Project (Administrative) Assistant

Project assistants handle paperwork and arrangements that managers don’t always have time to handle – like travel arrangements and getting bills in the right hands.


Estimators work directly with vendors to get pricing on materials and services for projects. They are sometimes called Account Managers. They measure spaces, calculate a rough estimate for materials, and help Project Managers create a bid after a client requests it.

Assistant Project Manager

In this role, a person is usually less experienced in project management than Project Managers. Many of the duties are the same, but Assistant Project Managers don’t handle as much of the billing and budgeting.

Project Manager

In this role, a person would handle the budget, purchasing materials, and work directly with clients to make sure they are satisfied. Project Managers occasionally visit the construction site and collaborate with foreman and other field employees.

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Recognized as one of America’s Safest Companies, Egan demands safety at every turn. We invest significant resources into employee training and jobsite safety.

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