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Proud partnerships

The construction world is a large network and we create better outcomes for our customers by building quality partnerships with our industry colleagues. Maintaining these partnerships means building confidence in our capabilities and knowing we can look to trustworthy resources when needed. Being a well-established specialty contractor, Egan is associated with several leading construction partners in Minnesota.

Union Partners

  • Local 343 – Rochester Electricians
  • Local 455 – St. Paul Pipefitters
  • Local 512 – Ironworkers
  • Local 531 – North Indiana Electricians
  • Local 539 – Minneapolis Pipefitters
  • Local 548 – Millwrights
  • Local 553 – North Carolina Electricians
  • Local 1091 – North Dakota Millwrights
  • Local 1324 – Glazers & Glassworkers
  • Local 1426 – North Dakota Electricians
  • Local 6 – Rochester Plumbers/Pipefitters
  • Local 10 – Sheet Metal Workers
  • Local 15 – Minneapolis Plumbers
  • Local 22 – Nebraska Electricians
  • Local 34 – St. Paul Plumbers
  • Local 49ers – Operating Engineers
  • Local 110 – St. Paul Electricians
  • Local 160 – Linemen
  • Local 242 – Duluth Electricians
  • Local 292 – Minneapolis Electricians

Alliance for Contracting Excellence Peer Group

Since 1985, Egan Company has been part of the Alliance for Contracting Excellence Group. Known as ACE, the group is an alliance of eight, private, top-ranked specialty contractors from across the US, accounting for over $2 billion annually in specialty contracting services.

ACE provides a forum for the discussion of industry issues and strategies and provides an extensive peer review critique of each member’s business practices. Each year, ACE member employees meet in various focus groups to review best practices; members frequently partner with each other to provide their customers with the best resources and talent where they need it.

America's Safest Company Award Icon

America's Safest Company Award

Recognized as one of America’s Safest Companies, Egan demands safety at every turn. We invest significant resources into employee training and jobsite safety.

Safety First