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    Inefficient Building Automation Systems cost you

    Whether you are considering a new installation, retrofit, renovation, or upgrade of your BAS, Egan Company has extensive experience and the expertise to help you achieve your goals. By modernizing your system, you’ll gain efficiencies, effectiveness, and cost-savings. Working with you to understand your needs, we’ll develop a solution that’s tailored to your specific requirements and we’ll provide ongoing maintenance to ensure your system continues to operate at its best.

    Benefits of modernization include: reduced energy costs, improved occupant comfort, increased security, enhanced operational efficiency, and improved operator experience.

    The Egan Company Advantage

    • Expertise: Experienced BAS professionals who will upgrade your system to optimize energy efficiency, comfort, and productivity.
    • Customization: Tailored solutions to meet your specific requirements and budget, while minimizing downtime.
    • Quality: High-quality products and services to ensure longevity and reliability of your BAS investment.
    • Savings: Achieve energy savings and reduce operating costs through efficient HVAC systems, lighting controls, and other energy-saving technologies.
    • Support: Continuous monitoring of the performance of your BAS to ensure it delivers the desired benefits and improvements as necessary.


    • Airports
    • Banks & Credit Unions
    • Church Buildings and Fellowship Halls
    • Commercial Buildings
    • Data Centers & Telecommunication
    • Education
    • Government Buildings
    • Hospital, Healthcare & Pharmaceutical
    • Housing and Hospitality
    • Manufacturing & Industrial Facilities
    • Multi-tenant
    • Retail
    • Sports Arenas & Recreation Centers

    Contact: Kirk Wahlstrom, Building Automation Group Manager  //  //  763.762.5664

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