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Senior Leadership

Strong leaders with over a century of unmatched experience make up our Senior Leadership. Together, they are committed to delivering on Egan’s multi-trade excellence and shaping the future of our company through safety, service, and integrity.

  • James Ford

    President & Chief Executive Officer

    James Ford

    President & Chief Executive Officer

    INSPIRING THROUGH ENGAGEMENT. Leadership over all lines of business with an emphasis in creating teams with a focus on long-term success – that’s James Ford. He provides best practice strategies for optimizing operations and company performance, as well as strategic and succession planning. His curiosity and natural tendency to focus on the future motivates others toward action. James attributes his interest in the industry to his father who installed flooring for a living as well as the people within the industry – “hard-working, no-nonsense people who are focused on getting the job done . . . hands down, my favorite part of working at Egan is our amazing people.” Since joining the Board of Directors in 2017, he’s championed a commitment to help Egan continue living its core values. He values relationships and aims to provide the best experience to Egan’s customers, partners, and employees. 

    Strength on Team: pioneer and innovative problem solver

    Beyond Egan: James and his wife enjoy boating with their two daughters and playing golf. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in accounting from North Dakota State University. Prior to joining Egan, he was a Business Partner at a regional certified public accounting firm, Eide Bailly LLP.

  • Jim Nonn

    Chief Information Officer

    Jim Nonn

    Chief Information Officer

    CONSTANTLY MOVING FORWARD. Conscientious leadership and solving business challenges while improving the process along the way. Often, this can be attributed to the hard work of Jim Nonn's IT Team. As a member of the Board of Directors, Jim knows Egan inside and out and is able to use the company vision to make sure its technology systems are in place to pave the way. From Jim’s perspective, one of the best parts of working at Egan is being part of a company that builds such amazing things for the community alongside many talented people. He approaches the IT world with no intent to go stagnant, sharing, “We have to keep moving hard and fast to stay relevant and useful to the business.”

    Strength on Team: always ready to offer service to colleagues

    Beyond Egan: Jim enjoys being with his wife, kids, and dog; hiking, reading nonfiction, and playing sports. 

  • Chris Keller

    Chief Financial Officer

    Chris Keller

    Chief Financial Officer

    CONSISTENCY IN DATA. CFO extraordinaire, Chris Keller serves the Egan team by providing strategic guidance, interpreting financial data, and collaborating with others to best position Egan for sustainable, profitable growth. After spending 25 years in accounting and finance—10 of which were in construction—Chris has seen it all. He provides a calming demeanor to every situation, allowing those around him to remain at ease, think clearly, and come to the best possible solution. Chris attributes his motivation to those around him, stating, “The broad desire throughout the organization to actively listen and focus on improvement, both personally, and organizationally, is my favorite part of working at Egan.” Beyond this, Chris enjoys the culture and common work ethic around the AEC industry.

    Strength on Team: helps ensure consistency in team output

    Beyond Egan: Chris loves spending his time with his family – whether that be on road trips to their favorite national parks, exploring new places, or simply time at home, together. He also enjoys reading, kayaking, watching NASCAR races, and tinkering around the house. He received his Bachelor of Science in Accounting from St. Cloud State University and his Master of Business Administration from Metropolitan State University.

  • Mike Tengwall

    Senior Vice President

    Mike Tengwall

    Senior Vice President

    ALL IN THE DETAILS. A highly-experienced leader, Mike Tengwall has been with Egan Company for nearly 15 years, with 35 years spent in the industry. Currently, he oversees Egan’s electrical businesses which include construction, electrical special projects, electrical outdoor, and industrial/process controls. From a closer lens, he works with each business unit to promote consistent project execution and exceptional customer service. Mike attributes early inspiration to work in the industry to reading about Ben Franklin and having a fascination with electricity ever since. With constant collaboration in mind, Mike believes, “We are stronger as a team than we are as individuals. My favorite part about working at Egan is the ability to work with so many smart and talented people.” Having been in the electrical industry since 1987, he has held a variety of roles including: Master Electrician, Project Coordinator, Electrical Specialist, Project Manager, Industrial Controls Manager, and Vice President. In 2023, Mike was appointed to Egan Company's Board of Directors. Additionally, he is the Responsible Master of Record for Egan Company in Minnesota. 

    Strength on Team: methodically and steadily weighs facts and information for business results

    Beyond Egan: Mike enjoys spending his free time with his family and friends at the lake as well as traveling with his wife. He attended Minnesota School of Business and Brown College and has an Associate’s degree in Electronics Technology.

  • Ross Noak

    Senior Vice President

    Ross Noak

    Senior Vice President

    DRIVER OF PERFORMANCE. At the helm of the Mechanical business you’ll find Ross Noak. His day-to-day work is based in promoting growth and development by overseeing all elements of the business group. From bidding a project through commissioning it, Ross has a pulse on it all. With over a decade working in the field as a union tradesman, as well as a decade in the office, he knows the work inside and out. A variety of opportunities have built him into a successful leader and mentor to those around him. His favorite part of working in the industry is engaging with many moving parts and the satisfaction of completed projects. When it comes to his ‘why Egan’, he says, “Egan is a place where people matter and I enjoy the depth of knowledge our people have.” His quick wit and rapport with others keep any environment lively.

    Strength on Team: breaks down barriers to completion

    Beyond Egan: Ross enjoys spending time with his family and doing outdoor activities. He studied HVAC system design, installation, and service at Dunwoody College of Technology.

  • Mark Broadwater

    Vice President

    Mark Broadwater

    Vice President

    UNWAVERING COMMITMENT TO CONNECT WITH OTHERS. The heart of Egan’s mission revolves around relationships – something in which Mark Broadwater is a testament. Mark provides leadership to Egan’s ATS group, comprising Building Automation, Technology Systems, and Service. From a wider lens, he works with the operations managers of each of these groups to best position them for success. On a day-to-day level, this includes everything from supporting his team in the sales process to looking for new opportunities to connect the dots inside Egan. An unmatched ability to connect with people and 28 years in the industry set Mark apart from many leaders. He understands the importance of relationships, giving others the opportunity to feel a part of a team, and positions people for growth. He’s inspired by a Max Lucado quote: “...the greatest webs of loyalty are spun, not with airtight theologies or foolproof philosophies, but with friendships; stubborn, selfless, joyful friendships”. Mark’s grandfather, a furniture maker, inspired him to learn a craft and he’s enjoyed working in a hands-on role.

    Strength on Team: generates trust for the team

    Beyond Egan: Mark enjoys being with his family and friends, spending time in the mountains, and cycling the backroads. He started his career as a field technician after completing the Electrical Construction program at Albert Lea Technical College.

  • Jessica Johnson

    Vice President

    Jessica Johnson

    Vice President

    CREATIVELY MAXIMIZING. With over 15 years of industry experience in her back pocket, Jessica Johnson serves Egan in a strategic, communication, and marketing role. The promotion and growth of Egan’s brand and relationships with customers are at the forefront of her day.  She approaches each day looking through a lens of creativity and the personal mantra of “always be kind and always be you” – both of which are evident throughout her every endeavor. Jessica is energized by surrounding herself with hard working people who put their unique skills together to do something tangible that makes a difference in developing the local community. She strives to create and facilitate genuine connections and relationships within the workplace and with external partners. Her ambitious nature as both an achiever and a maximizer thrives in the competitive AEC industry. 

    Strength on Team: adds excitement and unpredictability to the team through intuition

    Beyond Egan: Jessica loves cheering on her boys’ youth sports teams, exploring new places, and finding adventures with her home crew. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication from the College of Saint Benedict/St. John’s University.

  • Ryan Woodruff

    Vice President

    Ryan Woodruff

    Vice President

    LEADING BY EXAMPLE. Overseeing Egan’s InterClad business, Ryan Woodruff’s role revolves around curtainwall, glazing, and metal panels.  His prior work in the field provides him with the ability to offer advice and jump in where needed, which comes in handy when working within all parts of business operations from estimating and bidding to prefabrication and project closeout. Motivation to work with his hands started at a young age. This, coupled with his ability to take pride in a job well done, set him down the path of construction 30 years ago and he hasn’t looked back. For Ryan,  it’s all in the people – he places a high importance on building and furthering relationships within Egan and beyond. He’s committed to  staying up-to-date with new systems, processes, and equipment to keep a firm grasp on the latest and greatest ways of doing things.

    Strength on Team: attention to detail to provide the most effective solution

    Beyond Egan: Ryan enjoys spending his time on the water with his family – whether it be the open lake or on the ice, the Woodruff family enjoys fishing, tubing, and boating in the summer and ice fishing in the winter. Ryan and his family are from Iowa where he worked in operations and moved to Minnesota to fulfill this role with Egan.

  • Elise Hartfiel


    Elise Hartfiel


    DRIVEN TO SUPPORT. In a very dimensional role, Elise Hartfiel leads the Human Resources team, serving Egan’s employees with a focus on people and workplace culture. The passion she has for serving others and executing strategies sets the scene for the relationships and culture that surround Egan’s workplace. She has spent 8+ years in the construction industry and credits her inspiration for the industry to her tradesman husband stating, “The humble pride of the trades,  the craftsmanship and the ability to create and build, inspires me. The passion I see when he’s pointing out projects he’s been part of… now I get to see that passion everyday across all trades at Egan.” Beyond this, Elise’s favorite part of working at Egan is the people – the friendly, caring, and supportive approach they bring to each day. 

    Strength on Team: conscious of the human factors in the organization and the team

    Beyond Egan: Elise enjoys being  with her family and friends, and spends every moment they can boating on the Mississippi River. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire.

  • Reid Romer


    Reid Romer


    INSPIRING THROUGH SAFETY. When it comes to safety and risk assessment at Egan, Reid Romer is your go-to. Leader of the Safety team, he partners with our operations teams to assess and apply strategies for successful execution of our work while keeping everyone safe. Reid sees the construction industry as limitless for those who are willing to learn – an endless growth cycle from the variety of markets and industries. His daily excitement comes from engaging and collaborating with others in working toward greater innovation while transforming the status quo. His favorite part of working at Egan? “Hands down, the people at Egan and the tremendous customers we have the privilege to work alongside.” 

    Strength on Team: influences with enthusiasm

    Beyond Egan: Reid enjoys spending his time with his wife and two daughters, traveling, playing sports, and enjoying the outdoors. He brings 15 years in the industry and a Bachelor of Business Administration in Organizational Management and Masters in Risk Management and Safety from the University of Minnesota Duluth to the Egan team.

  • Duane Hendricks

    Board Member

    Duane Hendricks

    Board Member

    FROM ELECTRICIAN TO CHAIRMAN OF THE BOARD. Duane Hendricks serves Egan Company as a strategic advisor to ensure long-term success for the business. Understanding Egan at its deepest level and across his 40 years in the industry, he’s seen it all. Driven by his desire to “always do what is right and be sure to have a reason for why you do what you do”, his commitment to living Egan’s values is unmatched. As Executive Vice President, Chief Operating Officer, and then President & CEO, his favorite part of the job was interacting with team members and being part of Egan’s committed work culture. When he’s not involved in Board commitments, he enjoys spending time with his family and doing all sorts of outdoor activities, from boating and skiing to hunting and fishing—if you can name it, he probably does it or has tried it!  



Recognized as one of America’s Safest Companies, Egan demands safety at every turn. We invest significant resources into employee training and jobsite safety.

Safety First