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Grow Into the Future of Electrification

Every day, new initiatives are taking place to promote sustainability through beneficial electrification. Project owners are looking for new ways to create efficiencies and prepare for upcoming compliance requirements. Through multi-trade expertise, Egan Company is at the forefront of these changes, incorporating new technologies and practices into everyday project experiences. Stay ahead of the curve to achieve your electrification goals today and meet the demands of tomorrow.

See the benefits of electrification:

  • Energy efficiency in heating, cooling, and lighting
  • Associated cost savings
  • Tenant approval and longevity due to agreeable practices
  • Applicable tax incentives and financial benefits
  • Responsible environmental practices

Meet Your Electrification Goals

The push for electrification to meet decarbonization goals is well underway, and the demand for new technologies and solutions will continue to increase over the next few years. Implementing new electrification features into your new-build projects and existing buildings is made easier with the right electricians, HVAC technicians, and technology experts. The opportunity to plan, design, and build new electrification features into your next project is here.

Energy Efficient Retrofits

Upgrading equipment and systems throughout a commercial building can drive decarbonization goals for industrial facilities. Energy efficient retrofits enable property managers and owners to achieve sustainability and improve operating costs without undergoing substantial rebuilds or building overhauls. Focusing on HVAC systems, lighting, and building technology is the ideal choice for established commercial buildings. As a local mechanical and electrical contractor, Egan can provide comprehensive assessments, design energy-efficient systems, and ensure seamless implementation, helping businesses achieve their decarbonization goals while maximizing the benefits of energy efficiency.

EV Charging Stations

As the adoption of electric vehicles continues to grow, property managers are embracing this technology in order to contribute to their decarbonization goals and appeal to their customer base. Egan partners with top brands and names in the electric vehicle market, and our proven experience installing charging stations has earned us trust with commercial customers looking to add new technology to their properties. The EV market continues to grow, and our electrical and low-voltage experts can upgrade your parking lot and structures to meet this demand and move you toward the future of transportation.

Battery Storage

The transition to sustainable energy supplies is well underway, and commercial battery storage is at the heart of decarbonization efforts. Battery storage technology allows businesses to integrate their facilities with renewable energy systems, drawing on alternative power sources as desired. Egan can help commercial customers reduce carbon emissions and access sustainable energy sources through on-demand battery storage technology. Our mechanical and electrical experts can design, install, and maintain battery storage systems tailored to the specific needs of your facility.

Smart Building Technology

Modern buildings are integrating automation and smart building technology in order to maximize efficiency and reduce operating costs. Gain a greater control of your building’s systems and manage the lighting, HVAC, and security of your facility with smart building technology. Automated controls allow for optimized energy usage, reducing waste, and lowering operational costs. Integrate new technology and upgrade your facility with Egan’s low-voltage technology experts.

The projects implemented today will affect generations to come. Work with a specialty contractor who is already focused on sustainability and decarbonization goals.

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