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Retirement of Vice President Brad Drews

Friday, May 28th, 2021

After nearly 40 years in the industry—32 of those at Egan Company—Vice President Brad Drews is retiring.

Drews at an Egan Company Golf Outing in 2006.

In 1983, Drews began his electrical career as an apprentice at “the Egan’s shop” (then, a significantly smaller company) then returned in 1989 as a journeyman. He attributed Egan as the “first and last place I’ll work” and has experienced Egan from many levels. Joining the workforce as an apprentice, he moved into roles as a foreman, general foreman, manager, and group leader. He’s wrapping up his tenure as Vice President for the Outside Electrical business.

When reflecting on his career, Drews gives much credit to the team: “If I could pass along one thing I’ve learned in my career to others, it’s to treat people with respect and the way you want to be treated – they will be loyal, hardworking employees,” said Drews. “These are the core people that make your business successful.”

Drews singing karaoke at an Egan Company event.

After retiring, Drews plans to spend his time with his wife, children, parents, and grandchildren, with frequent trips to Mille Lacs Lake. He hopes to spend the winter months in Florida where he can golf and bike all season.

Drews leaves the Outside Electrical business in qualified hands, with Paul Liveringhouse as Operations Manager. Liveringhouse has been with Egan Company since 2011 following the merger of Collins Electrical System (ColliSys). As part of a planned succession, he’s held his management role since October 2020.

Thanks to Brad Drews for his years of service and dedication to Egan Company!

We are Egan Electricians

Friday, May 21st, 2021

Egan Company has provided electrical expertise since 1960, with over 300 union electricians working at Egan today. All of our electricians are members of Local Unions 110, 160, 292, or 343. Our electrical scope of work includes many different commercial projects across Minnesota including new construction, manufacturing and warehouse facilities, transportation infrastructure, solar farms, corporate offices, retail malls, hospitals, education buildings, industrial facilities, and beyond.


An Egan electricians job is to install, maintain, repair, and lay out electrical systems and equipment. The day-to-day tasks of our electricians are very diverse because of the variety of electrical systems on which Egan works.


In case you missed our specialty trades video series, take two minutes to learn what our electricians can do for your facility and space! These are the faces behind our products and services. Without their commitment to safety, innovation, and exceeding customer expectations daily, we wouldn’t be able to do what we do.

Why Hire a Union Contractor?

Tuesday, May 11th, 2021

Hiring a union contractor presents a number of benefits, all of which ensure project needs are exceeded. By relying on their relationship with the labor unions, union contractors are able to promise necessary resources and quality results. Hiring a union contractor, like Egan Company, allows you to tap into a wide pool of resources with high safety standards. 


Union contractors have an abundant labor supply of trained professionals who are skilled, safety-conscious, and experienced from apprenticeship programs that ensure first-rate preparation. These skilled trades personnel complete regular continuing education and frequently update their skill sets. Further, unions often employ market-specific craftspersons who are trained to excel in their expertise. 

Quality union workmanship means projects are completed faster and there’s room to implement innovative concepts in construction and building techniques. Workers are held to high expectations upon arrival beginning with showing up on time, prepared, and ready to work. They are qualified with the required skills, certifications, licenses, background checks, and clean drug test results that are not guaranteed with a non-union contractor.

Beyond their trade skill, union foremen and supervisors are trained on leadership, customer service, and project planning and layout skills to adapt to the needs of each project schedule. 

Union contractors are safety-oriented and as such, the risk or rate of injuries is greatly decreased. The health and safety of workers has always been a large concern of unions, which ensures that standards and regulations will be followed. As a further result of members’ training, they are proficient in assessing safety hazards.

Operating as a union contract for over 75 years, Egan is affiliated with several union partners in Minnesota, amongst other states. By working with these unions, Egan can continue to build on promises kept by providing safety-oriented, well-trained workers. The IBEW Code of Excellence is upheld across all of our jobs.

Egan Company Union Partners:

  • Local 6 – Rochester Plumbers/Pipefitters
  • Local 10 – Sheet Metal Workers
  • Local 15 – Minneapolis Plumbers
  • Local 22 – Nebraska Electricians
  • Local 34 – St. Paul Plumbers
  • Local 49ers – Operating Engineers
  • Local 110 – St. Paul Electricians
  • Local 160 – Lineman
  • Local 242 – Duluth Electricians
  • Local 292 – Minneapolis Electricians 
  • Local 343 – Rochester Electricians
  • Local 455 – St. Paul Pipefitters
  • Local 512 – Ironworkers
  • Local 531 – North Indiana Electricians
  • Local 539 – Minneapolis Pipefitters
  • Local 548 – Millwrights
  • Local 553 – North Carolina Electricians
  • Local 1091 – North Dakota Millwrights
  • Local 1324 – Glazers & Glassworkers
  • Local 1426 – North Dakota Electricians

What is a Body Temperature Verification System?

Thursday, May 6th, 2021

The process of taking body temperatures is familiar to each of us. While you may recall a thermometer under your tongue, in your ear, or on your forehead, this process is evolving. 

Today, many facilities are introducing body temperature verification systems to ensure the health and safety of its building’s occupants. Not only does this technology speed up the process time, it also decreases the need for additional personnel needed for manual screening.

Types of Body Temperature Verification Systems

Temperature verification systems provide a simple, innovative solution to screen body temperatures upon entrance to the facility. These systems vary in scope, from hand-held tools to fully integrated systems. 

The building technology team at Egan Company will help you determine the best product to fit your specific application. This integration can go even further by combining entry security systems and temperature verification solutions working together as one. One of Egan’s priorities will always be safety and as such, we continue to research and innovate ways to ensure safety of a facility and its occupants.

Upon initial consultation, our full-service process considers:

  • In-house engineering or system integration services
  • Installation by union trades personnel
  • System commissioning
  • 24/7 service