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2020 Safe Subcontractor Of The Year Presented To Egan Company By Ryan Companies

Friday, July 30th, 2021

If you know Egan Company, you know how important safety is every day, on every job. Ensuring that each employee makes it home safe every night is an Egan Company core value. 

This week, Ryan Companies recognized Egan as its 2020 Scott Beron Safe Subcontractor of the Year.  Beginning this year, the award memorializes the extraordinary safety commitment of Scott Beron, Ryan Companies’ safety director who passed away last fall.

Field Leaders and Project Managers at Ryan Cos. vote for the award based on attitude toward safety, safety program enforcement, compliance, creative safety solutions, and several other criteria. This is Egan’s second time receiving the Safe Subcontractor of the Year award from Ryan Cos.

Several of Egan’s leadership and project team members were honored to accept this award at an event held at the Ryan Cos yard. In addition to the award, Ryan Cos presented a generous $1,000.00 donation to Community Emergency Assistance Programs (CEAP) on Egan’s behalf as part of the recognition.

Many thanks to the whole Egan team for their daily commitment to safety as well as Ryan Companies for recognizing our team’s efforts!

What Are The Benefits of Prefabrication?

Tuesday, July 20th, 2021

Streamlining your project by utilizing prefabrication capabilities has a number of advantages. By bringing the work that is traditionally done on site into a safer, controlled environment, neither weather conditions nor jobsite considerations can halt the project progression – keeping your project timeline on track.


  • Controlled space – work is done in a safe environment
  • Increased quality of product; QA/QC of prefabricated assemblies is done in the shop
  • Reduced crew on the jobsite (less occupied parking, break space, tools, less hiring and orientation, etc.)
  • Reduced deliveries and storage required on-site – prefabricated systems are shipped when needed
  • Reduction of wasted materials
  • Easier trade coordination with reduced task durations
  • Lower overall total cost of installation
  • Constructability issues identified sooner
  • Work is simplified and standardized

Egan Company provides prefabrication with a multi-trade in-house advantage. Prefabrication projects are completed within our local facilities with access to the necessary resources on-demand. These shops are prime examples of our investment in process improvement – through preconstruction planning, our CAD system/virtual construction feeds directly into our fabrication equipment, improving quality and saving time and cost in a controlled environment.

Fabrication services and capabilities include:

Why Do You Need Bipolar Ionization?

Thursday, July 15th, 2021

The road to cleaner and healthier indoor air begins with bipolar ionization technology. Bipolar ionization is an air purification process that works to deactivate airborne bacteria. This process improves filter effectiveness, indoor air quality, and eliminates odors at their source.


Let’s break this process down. As air flows through purification tubes, this technology releases charged ions, energizing the air and creating bipolar (both positive and negative) ions. As a result, millions of positive and negative ions are created, causing airborne particles to cluster. The charged ions disrupt the bonding of bacteria cells effectively deactivating them.


The list of reasons your facility needs bipolar ionization technology is endless. First and foremost, unlike many other air purification processes, bipolar ionization replicates a naturally-occurring process so it doesn’t leave an odor nor is it harmful to facility inhabitants. Throughout this process dust particles, bacteria, and anything else floating through the air is diminished.  

Second, installation of bipolar ionization systems does not require HVAC systems to be re-engineered, but rather can be installed directly in the ductwork or air unit. Since there is no filter to change, maintenance is necessary less frequently, only occurring when ionization tubes need to be replaced.


Bipolar ionization units are a great option for event centers, housing complexes, schools and universities, churches, commercial businesses, labs, and beyond. Any facility that seeks to provide clean and healthy indoor air to its inhabitants is an optimal candidate for these services.


Egan’s team is here to help you create a healthier environment and mitigate the spread of bacteria and dust particles through ionization services. Making bipolar ionization a priority for your business frequently goes hand in hand with air balancing. Once ionization is completed, it’s important to check air flow to ensure dampers are opened and ionization is maximized for optimal building readiness.

We are Egan Millwrights

Friday, July 9th, 2021

Egan Company millwrights have worked on projects across the Twin Cities since 1999. 


Millwrights move, install, and maintain anything that moves or needs to be moved. They are tradespeople who are precise, analytical, and safe in their craft. Some of the roles millwrights also fulfill include rigging, welding, custom fabrication, and precision alignment. The job of a millwright is different every day, challenging them to learn and innovate solutions often.

Egan millwrights are members of Local Union 548 and 1091.


In case you missed our specialty trades video series, take one minute to learn what our millwrights can do for you! These are the faces behind our products and services. Without their commitment to safety, innovation, and exceeding customer expectations daily, we wouldn’t be able to do what we do.