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What Are The Benefits of Prefabrication?

Tuesday, July 20th, 2021

Streamlining your project by utilizing prefabrication capabilities has a number of advantages. By bringing the work that is traditionally done on site into a safer, controlled environment, neither weather conditions nor jobsite considerations can halt the project progression – keeping your project timeline on track.


  • Controlled space – work is done in a safe environment
  • Increased quality of product; QA/QC of prefabricated assemblies is done in the shop
  • Reduced crew on the jobsite (less occupied parking, break space, tools, less hiring and orientation, etc.)
  • Reduced deliveries and storage required on-site – prefabricated systems are shipped when needed
  • Reduction of wasted materials
  • Easier trade coordination with reduced task durations
  • Lower overall total cost of installation
  • Constructability issues identified sooner
  • Work is simplified and standardized

Egan Company provides prefabrication with a multi-trade in-house advantage. Prefabrication projects are completed within our local facilities with access to the necessary resources on-demand. These shops are prime examples of our investment in process improvement – through preconstruction planning, our CAD system/virtual construction feeds directly into our fabrication equipment, improving quality and saving time and cost in a controlled environment.

Fabrication services and capabilities include: