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Celebrating Women in Construction Week 2024

Friday, March 15th, 2024

National Women in Construction Week 2024 took place March 3-9. During this week, many organizations held events to share appreciation, celebrate diversity, and facilitate connections in the A/E/C industry. Egan Company employees participated in a number of local events throughout the week, where they grew professionally and took time to appreciate how past generations of women in the industry have opened doors for the current and future workforce. 

Personal Safety On and Off the Jobsite

What better way to kick off WIC Week than with a self-defense class? A few Egan leaders learned the art of self-defense at the McGough-hosted safety class where participants learned about personal safety both on and off the jobsite.

Egan Company Employee Recognition

Celebrating the women who make up Egan was top of mind during WIC Week, as we held a lunch and also made personal calls to recognize the efforts and contributions they make every day. Egan also announced the commitment to its new women’s Employee Resource Group (ERG) dedicated to supporting and advocating for women at Egan Company and in the industry.

Exploring Pathways to Construction Apprenticeships

The future is bright for women looking to break into a career in the trades! Promoting growth in the industry and opening up pathways for people of all backgrounds to find a career in construction starts with us, those who are here now. Hosted by Women in NECA and Future Leaders, attendees learned about the future of apprenticeships in the industry. 

Three-Phase Jobsite Tour and Rosies and Robbies of the Rail Events

Mid-week, Egan employees attended multiple events throughout the Twin Cities. Downtown Minneapolis, Egan met up with the project management team at Kraus-Anderson to take a tour of a three-phase construction project, including the demolition and rebuild of Minneapolis Fire Department No. 1, a low-rise apartment building, and a high-rise apartment building of which Egan’s InterClad team worked.

Then, a few Egan team members attended a collaborative round table event in Hopkins, hosted by Lunda/CS McCrossan. The theme of the discussion was “what works, what doesn’t, what hasn’t been tried yet”. It was a thought-provoking discussion that had the team thinking more about the future of the industry at Egan!

Coffee & Conversation

Wrapping up the week with networking and breakfast at an event hosted by JE Dunn! Egan had the opportunity to connect with some of the great minds in the industry at a delightful networking event, which offered plenty of insights and ideas for us to bring back to our teams. 

Creating Opportunities for the Future

Women in Construction Week is designed to celebrate the past while finding ways to improve the future for people of all backgrounds within the construction industry. Women make up approximately 10% of the construction workforce, and by creating more opportunities and opening doors, we can see that number increase and find ways to support women looking to blaze a career for themselves and others. 

Continuing Education Opportunities for Electricians

Tuesday, February 27th, 2024

During the day, the Joint Apprenticeship Training Committee (JATC) Training Center provides apprenticeship training through classroom learning and hands-on labs to electricians looking to find their way into the field. After hours, however, the training center opens its doors to experienced electricians and field leaders who are wrapping up their day on the jobsite to gain additional instruction, training, and continuing education. 

Egan Company recently added these continuing education opportunities to trades professionals. In the past, there had been similar courses which were well-attended but had stopped during the COVID-19 Pandemic. In the fall of 2023, Egan’s Industrial Controls team sought to bring these courses back to their electricians to further refine their skills and provide new opportunities to learn and grow professionally. 

From Instrumentation and Control Drawings Print Reading (P&ID) to Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) and basic motor controls, the monthly courses offered through JATC have given electricians hands-on experience working with projects they may not have a chance to otherwise, and have become popular among Egan electricians. 


The JATC courses typically start with classroom instruction, taught by JATC instructors. This part of the course brushes up on technical knowledge, refreshes the students on key concepts, and covers what they can expect to see when they get to the lab portion. For some, the material is a breeze, as they have recently completed their own apprenticeships or are using similar skills currently on the jobsite. Others find these courses to be a challenge, entering into unfamiliar territory due to not needing certain skill sets or knowledge in their field experience thus far. No matter where participating electricians are at, they find encouragement, collaboration, and support during these courses, and they enjoy refining their skills and improving themselves as skilled trades professionals. 

After the classroom part of the night, participants are treated to dinner, which gives everyone a chance to catch up and get to know each other better. Many electricians in these courses know each other from their apprenticeships, past jobs, and even past continuing education courses. 

Then comes the fun part: the lab portion of the evening. In the lab, electricians get hands-on practice applying their skills and what they just learned in the classroom. Practicing their skills in a controlled environment gives students the opportunity to talk things through without the pressure of completing the job or making a mistake that can set a project’s timeline back. Of course, safety precautions are still essential in the lab, but the risk is lower in a controlled environment, with power being shut off to each module until teams are ready to test their work. 

During the lab portion, JATC instructors and Egan employees are available to help, to troubleshoot, and to provide answers where needed. This is truly a collaborative, learning environment where electricians aren’t afraid to ask questions, help each other where they can, and share in their excitement when they complete their lab successfully. 


The ultimate goal of these continuing education courses is to improve the technical knowledge and skills of electricians working in the field. By working in a collaborative, controlled environment where they can touch up on different skill sets with like-minded teammates, Egan’s trades professionals can continue to learn and grow, bringing their new skills back to the jobsite. 

Some electricians find themselves attending month after month, while others seek out specific courses to refresh their skills. Most recently at the basic motor controls class, one electrician noted that he thought this topic sounded interesting, and that it had been a while since he worked on anything like this. No matter the topic, there is never a doubt whether or not these classes will fill up, with a few courses adding second dates due to popularity. Every month, attendance reaches capacity, from new students hearing about the courses to returning electricians looking for new challenges. 

Egan’s entire team, from administration professionals to trades professionals, is dedicated to continuously improving in order to be safe on the jobsite and to deliver best-in-class service and products to customers every day.