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Custom features and intelligent capabilities have become standard with this next generation batching system, IntelliBatch™ by Egan Company. This user-friendly and customizable control solution includes features geared toward quality and control – IntelliBatch covers all the bases for your new or existing concrete plant.

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  • System efficiency monitoring to provide the optimal baseline for your batching operations
  • Notification center providing system status or alarms via email and text
  • Aggregate moisture compensation and mixer control using unmatched integration of moisture technology
  • Improved alarm and event handling, recorded to SQL data-base and optimized for web-based reporting
  • Configurable alarm “severity” levels
  • Windows 10 PC with automatic system data backup
  • Configurable for up to 31 aggregate, 31 cement, 31 admixes, and 10 colors per mixer for up to 5 mixers
  • Advanced security: group and user levels for flexibility and tighter security
  • Unlimited mix designs
  • Integrated scale engine to simplify setup
  • Mixer and bin probe integration and multiple mixer probe profiles
  • Bin level display from level sensing devices or by inventory and tracking
  • Allen-Bradley CompactLogix™ PLC with high-powered CPU and ultra-fast response time
  • Updated graphics and animations with integrated manual controls
  • Mix Design Editor provides optimization of multiple mix designs and simultaneous pours; includes mix design cost analysis
  • Settings for scaling, mixing, and mud handling are saved for consistency and provide revision control and an audit trail
  • Powerful integrated report generation; custom reporting available. Report calculations per NPCA, PCI and other regulatory agencies
  • Multi-color, precise variegation blending controls stored in product recipe for repeatability and ease of management
  • Fully customizable water addition methods
  • New revision systems for setting scale and probe calibration

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Customer Testimonials

“We trust Egan to do good work and meet our requested timelines. Egan has consistently proven to be a skilled partner that works to not only understand our current systems, but also to provide suggestions on how we can improve.”
— Concrete Producer Plant Manager

“From the early planning stages to the installation and programming of the batch system, Egan provided us with exactly what they promised; a painless install and a more efficient batching system. The integration of moisture probes and a mixer moisture probe complicated things, but they were able to create a control system that handled it all. They understood our needs and did everything in their power to fulfill them. We would happily recommend Egan to others looking to upgrade their batching system, especially if you have as complex of a setup as we do.”
— Concrete Plant Maintenance Manager