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2019 June Safety Month: Accountability

Thursday, June 27th, 2019

It’s National Safety Month and we’re focusing on three key areas that help us work safe at Egan: Awareness, Action, and Accountability.

This week our attention is on Accountability. Two Egan team members share their insight on holding each other accountable when it comes to working safely.

Q: How can we better hold each other accountable to achieve zero injuries?

“Always say something if you see a co-worker performing a task unsafe. We can learn from each other by speaking up and demonstrating the correct, safe way to do things. This way we keep each other accountable and get to go home injury-free.” – Tony Klema, Egan Project Manager

Q: What would achieving zero injuries mean to Egan?

“Achieving zero injuries means Egan could approach all of our projects with even more confidence. A high emphasis on safety speaks volumes to new and existing customers and being able to demonstrate stability and trust with them is important. Also, zero injuries keeps my coworkers and I coming home at the end of the day to our families.” – Terry Fredericks, Egan Panel Shop Field Leader

We Are Egan – Peter Blegen

Wednesday, June 26th, 2019

Meet Peter Blegen, a Pipefitter Field Leader within the Service team and has been with Egan for almost five years.

Fun Fact: Peter is a Navy veteran who was stationed in San Diego. He was fortunate enough to get to sail across the western Pacific two times, and officially become a “Shellback” while crossing the equator enroute to Western Australia.

His love for the water also translates to his favorite Minnesota activities – put simply, they include spending time on the many lakes and rivers across the state. Peter and his wife, Jill, also have four children and four grandchildren that keep them busy.

Peter’s favorite part about his work at Egan is that, “Every day is different. I enjoy meeting customers, diagnosing issues, and solving problems to make buildings smarter and more comfortable.”

Our company is shaped by who we are, not just what we do. Together, we are Egan.

2019 June Safety Month: Action

Thursday, June 20th, 2019

It’s National Safety Month and we’re focusing on three key areas that help us work safe at Egan: Awareness, Action, and Accountability.

This week our attention is on Action. Two Egan team members share their insight on taking action in order to stay safe.

Q: As a Field Leader, how do you continuously maintain safety on the jobsite?

We maintain safety on the job by emphasizing that the crew speaks up. Whether they see something they feel is unsafe or see another trade working unsafe, they should always make the superintendent or myself aware so immediate action can be taken. – Mark Hoffman, Egan Glazier Field Leader

Q: How do you empower your crew to speak up if they see unsafe work happening?

“Having open discussions every day gives the crew an opportunity to voice their safety concerns and builds trust among the group. I try to reiterate that any safety issue that arises should be brought to my attention and I make sure to address or act on their concerns immediately, regardless of its severity, so they always feel comfortable speaking up.” – Ben Tronson, Egan Pipefitter Field Leader

2019 June Safety Month: Awareness

Thursday, June 13th, 2019

It’s National Safety Month and we’re focusing on three key areas that help us work safe at Egan: Awareness, Action, and Accountability.

This week our attention is on Awareness. Two Egan team members share their insight on workplace awareness and safety culture.

Q: How do you make sure all employees on your jobsite are aware of the importance of our safety culture?

Understanding the importance of our safety culture starts in the morning as we go through our Daily Safety Plan and morning stretching. Additionally, we always stress the importance of wearing full PPE. I also constantly try to encourage the crew to not be afraid to speak up if there is a tool or equipment that could make the job easier or safer.” – Anthony Sailer, Egan Electrical Field Leader

Q: What is one way every Egan employee can contribute toward achieving zero injuries?

Staying aware of everything happening around the jobsite should always be top priority. Conditions on any site can change rapidly, both on inside or outside jobs, constant awareness will help us be alert to identify potential hazards and prevent injuries. – Todd Hemstock, Egan Limited Energy Technician

Strong Safety Performance Earns Governor’s Safety Awards

Wednesday, June 5th, 2019
Pictured above is Egan's Safety Committee.

Since 1934, the annual Governor’s Safety Awards program has honored Minnesota employers that are committed to workplace health and safety.

During this Spring’s 85th Annual Minnesota Safety & Health Conference, Egan Company received seven Governor’s Safety Awards for exceptional safety performance in 2018. This marks the 12th year Egan has been awarded multiple Governor’s Safety Awards.

Overall, Egan was one of approximately 294 employers to be honored through the awards program and one of 170 winners of the Meritorious Achievement award. Meritorious Achievement recognizes companies with incidence rates that are better than the industry average for at least three years, and a score between 50 and 74 on a 100-point safety program evaluation scale.

To read more about the evaluation scorecard and award categories visit Minnesota Safety Council’s website.

Pictured above is Egan’s Safety Committee.