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We are Egan – Steve Grubish

Thursday, December 29th, 2016

“I believe that everyone has something to contribute, if given the right opportunity.”

Meet Steve Grubish, Field Services Manager.

“One of the greatest things about working here at Egan is the support from leadership and the investment the company continues to make in the latest tools and technology.”

In the winter, Steve enjoys ice fishing. In the summer, he enjoys riding motorcycles or cruising on his pontoon with family.

Our company is shaped by who we are, not just what we do. Together, we are Egan.

Transforming public transit

Tuesday, December 27th, 2016

Public transit in the Twin Cities has been evolving over the past decade with the addition of light rail to the sprawling Metro Transit bus system. This summer, a new kind of bus service started along the busy Snelling Avenue corridor, combining the best of both methods of transportation.

The first of its kind in Minnesota, the A-Line Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) uses buses in tandem with unique, multi-component stations – installed by Egan Company – to provide a more train-like experience for riders. Fast and frequent, the route runs from Rosedale Mall to the 46th Street Station in Minneapolis, and connects to both Blue and Green Light Rail transit lines.

Modeled after the light rail stations, the bus stops feature security cameras, emergency phones, LED lighting, and heaters. Other added conveniences include real-time NexTrip LCD displays, providing current bus route information and bus tracking, along with pylons for paying fare. To connect and power all of these systems, Egan installed the fiber optic and copper backbone, and new electrical and communication service cabinets.

Installing the stations required crews to dig in areas surrounded by traffic and existing utilities, so careful planning was critical. The two-year project was coordinated with Metro Transit to keep disruption to drivers, bus traffic, pedestrians, and businesses to a minimum.

More BRT lines are being planned, branching out into different areas of the metro, including North Minneapolis, and South Minneapolis to the Mall of America.

“This project was the first of its kind in Minnesota,” said Steve Nelson, Egan Company Project Manager. “It was an enjoyable challenge learning to tie all the systems together. BRTs are a great addition to Metro Transit’s transportation options.”

Project Team: Metro Transit, Global Specialties
Services Provided: Outdoor Electrical, Low Voltage, Fiber Optics, Cabling

Recognizing Great Customer Service

Wednesday, December 21st, 2016

Every year, Egan Company recognizes employees that demonstrate superb customer service with our Promises Kept Eagle Award. This year, seven Egan employees were recognized by Ryan Companies and Wells Fargo for their work on the new Wells Fargo Towers in “East Town” in Minneapolis.

Congratulations to Dan Aberwald, Rob LeMay, Anna Peter, Dan Wille, Ross Keane, Joe Learned, and Jake Kenmir on winning the award in recognition for their excellent service and commitment to innovation.

Egan’s prowess in systems integration has added much-needed confidence and expertise to a complicated project. The project team has exceeded expectations in design, coordination, and field operations alike. Egan has been, and will continue to be, my first choice in the industry to deliver reliable, intuitive building management, and intelligent building solutions.

– M. Beadle, Project Manager at Ryan Companies

Updating Aging Campus Buildings

Tuesday, December 20th, 2016

The summer of 2016 saw one Egan Company crew, consisting of all mechanical trades, working closely with M.A. Mortenson to perform complete renovations within two University of Minnesota buildings.

The Mechanical Engineering building needed new laboratory equipment connected. At the same time, Mariucci Arena needed locker room renovations; Egan’s mechanical team began work in April 2016.

Schedules were coordinated so Egan’s crew of plumbing, sheet metal, and pipefitting Field Leaders could move between both jobsites and complete work on time.

“Strong field leaders helped keep things focused and organized, making both jobs run smoothly,” said Pipefitter Field Leader John Greeninger.

Updating Aging Infrastucture

Established in 1851, the University of Minnesota spans across Minneapolis and St. Paul. Roughly 40% of the buildings on campus are more than 50 years old, and the work on these two campus staples are part of upgrades needed to remain competitive in top academic and athletic programs.

Over the past two years, Egan has worked to upgrade the 64-year-old Mechanical Engineering building infrastructure, providing new plumbing and HVAC systems including a roof penthouse to house the mechanical equipment and protect it from the elements. In 2016, new owner-supplied lab equipment was ready to be connected to the new systems – while the upgrades to locker rooms at Mariucci were also scheduled to begin.

Built over 20 years ago, the University of Minnesota’s Golden Gophers men’s hockey team calls Mariucci Arena home. Since its construction, the Arena received minimal upgrades. And, in order to stay competitive with other top hockey programs across the country, Mariucci’s dated look needed a face-lift and modern amenities.

Summer Term on Campus

In April, with just four short months to complete the work, the team installed an all-new plumbing system throughout the locker room. A brand new hydrotherapy room featured two hydrotherapy tubs – one hot and one cold – and a dehumidification unit.

In May, the team began an upgrade to the Mechanical Engineering labs by installing the sinks, fume hoods, chilled water, compressed air, and other lab fit-outs and connect them to the previously installed mechanical systems.

Meanwhile, at Mariucci, the locker rooms were getting a much needed amenity upgrade. As you can imagine, a locker room has the potential to be a smelly and damp place. To alleviate some of this, the dehumidification units exhaust more air than usual into the room. It also offers a unique feature for the Gophers’ players: each locker has an exhaust fan that helps dry out equipment kept in the lockers.

Egan also installed an energy recovery unit as a part of the main air handling unit to help remove humidity from incoming fresh air. This energy recovery unit was a standard size, but barely fit through the double doors leading to the locker room.

“The unit had screws that popped out a few inches too far, making the unit unable to fit through the door unless each screw was removed and then reattached,” said Jake Marchiafava, Egan Company Project Manager. “It took six Egan crew members all day to move this unit into the facility, two feet at a time.”

All work was completed in time for the Golden Gophers to begin practicing for the 2016-2017 season and for Mechanical Engineering students to begin using the new lab equipment.

“The success of these projects came down to the crew effectively managing their time,” Marchiafava said. “It was helpful that Mortenson was on both projects – they set a realistic schedule that helped both projects run smoothly.”

Project Team: M.A. Mortenson, University of Minnesota
Services Provided: Plumbing, Pipefitting, Sheet Metal

There’s a Reason Toy Rhymes with Joy

Saturday, December 17th, 2016

Egan employees helped spread holiday cheer during this year’s Egan Company Toy Drive! Employees set the goal of donating 1,000 toys to children in need in the communities we work and live in, and dropped off toys during the Egan Company Christmas Party on December 15.

Two representatives from the Marine Toys for Tots Foundation attended our event and accepted donations. On December 16, Egan representatives had the opportunity to share our impact on KARE 11, announcing that we had donated a grand total of 1,200 toys, ensuring many children in our community will receive presents this Christmas. Watch the clip here!

The Marine Toys for Tots Foundation’s goal is to deliver, through a new toy at Christmas, a message of hope to less fortunate youngsters that will assist them in becoming responsible, productive, patriotic citizens. Thanks to Toys for Tots for providing for those in need.


Wednesday, December 14th, 2016

As the popularity of smart building technology increases, Egan Company continually strives to provide customers new and innovative ways to implement this technology in their facilities. Due to this commitment to innovation, Egan was chosen as a Lenel OnGuard value-added reseller.

The OnGuard line of products is a natural fit for Egan and its technology team because of its strong integration capabilities, allowing customers to effectively manage their property and assets. This complete integration allows card access, video, Stentofon intercoms, and building automation and lighting controls to be connected all through BacNET integration standard protocols – meaning that many different systems can seamlessly communicate and interact with one another. This further strengthens Egan’s ability to deliver complete smart building packages to building owners and general contractors.

If you’re interested in learning more about integrating building technology and how Egan can help with the Lenel OnGuard suite of products, please contact

We are Egan – Jake Sinn

Wednesday, December 7th, 2016

12 2016 Jake Sinn“Because pipefitting encompasses such a broad field of work, I am continually learning new systems and methods of installation. This can be stressful, but it keeps the work challenging and interesting.”

Meet Jake Sinn, a Pipefitter Field Leader who has been with Egan for 13 years.

Jake and his family love soccer. He and his wife enjoy watching his kids Maddie and Jonah play soccer, and attending professional soccer matches as a family.

Our company is shaped by who we are, not just what we do. Together, we are Egan.

Permanent Lighting at Minneapolis Holidazzle

Thursday, December 1st, 2016

Minneapolis HolidazzleThe annual Minneapolis Holidazzle at Loring Park is lit up and ready for visitors! The vendor tents are kept warm with the installation of Egan’ temporary gas piping. And, in preparation for large community events, like this year’s Holidazzle and Super Bowl LII in 2018, Egan installed permanent power to the area.

Permanent power saves energy and eliminates reliance on generators. Visitors to the area will have the opportunity to enjoy the skating rink all winter instead of just the holiday season.

We’ve also joined forces with local union IBEW 292 and the Minneapolis Building and Construction Trades Council to light up each vendor booth. Egan donated the power distribution equipment, and IBEW 292 installed the equipment to ensure every vendor was given power and every visitor enjoys a well-lit event.