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2021 “Best of Promises Kept” Awards

Monday, December 20th, 2021

Each year, we take customer care to new levels. An important part of our workplace culture at Egan Company includes recognizing those who exemplify this care in our annual “Best Of Promises Kept” awards.

Throughout the year, we receive narratives of “Promises Kept” that amplify stories of Egan employees providing exceptional customer service. At the end of the year, a few of these stories are chosen for the “Best Of” award, recognizing those that have gone above and beyond. Traditionally, these have been announced at an Employee Christmas Party;  this year, the awards were presented individually by Egan Company CEO Duane Hendricks and President James Ford. Honored employees were able to gather in a small group to celebrate.

Congratulations to the Individual and Team Promises Kept Award winners! See below to read the recognized stories:

Greg Dupont did a great job in the W5 UPS meeting. Not only was he prepared, but his ability to work around other’s schedules was superb. Greg made the facilities team look good. Thank you to Greg for being such a great partner – this is exactly why we appreciate YOU leading projects at JFB! Great job and thank you for your hard work!

– M. Frana, Maintenance & Operations Lead, General Mills

Dylan McDonah was a tremendous help during the Gustavus Nobel Hall project. He was always looking ahead, and not only for himself but for others as well. Dylan was always ahead of the curve. I went to him many times only to find out he already was taking care of it. He was very conscientious to make sure if he was not going to be there that I always had someone to go to. I think Egan is very lucky to have such a talented foreman. I just wanted to thank the Egan team and say that I look forward to working with Egan again – it was a pleasure!

-E. Miller, Superintendent, Kraus-Anderson

The Engineering Management Team for the 20 Washington Ave South project would like to thank the Egan team (Mike Kellner, Gibson Kellner, Jeromy Magill, and Andy Whalen) for the outstanding job they did with the installation of the new Notifier fire system. The building is a 7-story, single tenant building where the tenant was the prior longtime owner of the facility. Being prior owners, the tenant representative is very knowledgeable and protective of the building. We had several meetings and interactions with the tenant’s representative and Mike did a fantastic job describing his approach to transitioning to the new fire system. He provided timelines and addressed all the tenant representative’s questions and concerns. We feel the crew’s knowledge of fire systems and Mike’s presentation skills gave the tenant’s representative a sense of confidence that the project would go smoothly, which it did. Mike and the crew’s unending energy, attention to detail, and passion for the work, delivered a fire system that is well designed, easy to use, and simple to test. Kudos to the Egan crew for a job well done!

– T. Strum, Chief Engineer, Able Engineering Services

Share your experience with us or submit a Promises Kept recognition story by visiting our Customer Feedback page.

Marching for a Mission

Friday, December 10th, 2021

Meet Kirk Marthaler, Vice President of IBEW (International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers) Veterans Committee for Local Union 292 and Egan Company electrician. As a Veteran, Marthaler has taken the time to share resources with his peers and others at Egan. He’s passionate about supporting Veterans in need. 

Last month on Veterans Day, Marthaler participated in a 22-mile march to raise money for three different 501(c)3 Veteran organizations (Veterans in the Outdoors (VITO), Soldier’s 6, and Invisible Wounds). Marthaler completed his 22 mile march around 9PM on Veterans Day.

“These three veteran organizations  have been advocates for Veterans in our community. Thank you for your support during this fundraiser,” shared Marthaler, “The money raised—not if but when—will save someone’s life.”

In support of Kirk Marthaler acting as a resource and advocate for Veterans at Egan and beyond, Egan made donations to these deserving organizations:

  • Veterans in the Outdoors (VTO) is a 501(c)3 non-profit, veteran operated organization that provides service members the opportunity to experience a hassle free hunting/fishing adventure.
  • Soldier’s 6 is also a Minnesota based 501(c)3 non-profit organization that provides honorably discharged veterans, police officers, and fire fighters with specially trained K-9’s. Soldier’s 6 is named this because the service dog has it’s buddy’s “6” (or back).
  • Invisible Wounds Project is a nonprofit that seeks to raise awareness and provide services to Minnesota’s military, first responders, front-line medical staff, corrections, dispatch, and their family as it related to mental health, PTSD and suicide.

Promises Kept Award Recognizes Exceptional Customer Service

Monday, December 17th, 2018

Exceptional customer service means going above and beyond what the customer expects. It requires making the extra effort, going the extra mile, or possibly punching the clock after hours.

At Egan, our goal is always to provide customers with an exceptional experience. It’s our promise. And, as a way to honor our employees who go above and beyond this outstanding customer service feat is our Promises Kept Award. This award is presented each year at our annual Employee Christmas Party.

This year’s team award recipients include five employees who worked on the Super Bowl Experience project at the Minneapolis Convention Center. Congratulations, Peter Johnson, Matt Larson, Rob Moretto, Pat Sullivan, and Eli Tennison.

The individual award recipient went to Deric Graff for his work at a Takeda Pharmaceuticals project. Congratulations!

“I would like to extend my appreciation to Egan’s electrical department. They were always available and friendly. Their experience and knowledge of the convention center was obvious. When challenges arose, they had solutions. Tasks were often completed as fast as the call went in for them. Spirits were always high which was appreciated after many long days. It was a privilege to work with this team. Thank you for helping us accomplish a successful Super Bowl Experience.”

– Hathaway, Super Bowl Experience

“Thank you to Egan’s team for the great service you provided to the Minneapolis Convention Center. Your work and dedication exceeded expectations and the team worked endless hours without compromise. No matter the obstacle, the team found a solution. Thank you for your continued support.”

– Brereton, Minneapolis Convention Center

Deric Graff has provided invaluable contributions to the recently completed Facility Restart Project, known as Project Optima. He has also contributed in other capacities including original facility construction, site maintenance, and operational readiness.

Deric’s superior skill, knowledge, judgment, and understanding as well as his unwavering dedication to identify, explain, build, test, and document the best possible solutions, is significantly responsible for bringing our facility to the budgetarily sound and timely state of completion we find it in today.

“It has been my privilege to work collaboratively with Deric. I have learned and benefited immensely from his ideas, perspective, and his ability to detect and correct errors before rework becomes necessary. He holds himself to the highest of standards for quality and professionalism in all aspects of his work.”

– Klopp, Takeda

Recognizing Exceptional Customer Service

Monday, December 18th, 2017

Egan Company prides itself on keeping our promises to customers – including the promise to provide exceptional customer service. Each year, employees that demonstrate outstanding customer service are honored and recognized with the Promises Kept Eagle Award. This year, six employees were recognized by the Advanced Pain Management Clinic in Mankato for their work.

Congratulations to Justin Brandt, Keith Habeck, Matt Marchiafava, Tom Oines, Joe Olander, and Jim Patten for the outstanding work and service provided on this project.

Thank you again for the seamless installation of the new HVAC system at our site. The planning that went into the project was extensive and I appreciated meeting with you and the D.J. Kranz team ahead of time. From start to finish, any concerns we had were thoroughly addresses. Your team was always efficient, professional, and completed the upgrade on time with no disruptions. It was a pleasure working with Egan Company.

– M. Nelson, Mankato’s Advanced Pain Management

Recognizing Great Customer Service

Wednesday, December 21st, 2016

Every year, Egan Company recognizes employees that demonstrate superb customer service with our Promises Kept Eagle Award. This year, seven Egan employees were recognized by Ryan Companies and Wells Fargo for their work on the new Wells Fargo Towers in “East Town” in Minneapolis.

Congratulations to Dan Aberwald, Rob LeMay, Anna Peter, Dan Wille, Ross Keane, Joe Learned, and Jake Kenmir on winning the award in recognition for their excellent service and commitment to innovation.

Egan’s prowess in systems integration has added much-needed confidence and expertise to a complicated project. The project team has exceeded expectations in design, coordination, and field operations alike. Egan has been, and will continue to be, my first choice in the industry to deliver reliable, intuitive building management, and intelligent building solutions.

– M. Beadle, Project Manager at Ryan Companies