Egan Company

Promises Kept Award Recognizes Exceptional Customer Service

December 17, 2018

Exceptional customer service means going above and beyond what the customer expects. It requires making the extra effort, going the extra mile, or possibly punching the clock after hours.

At Egan, our goal is always to provide customers with an exceptional experience. It’s our promise. And, as a way to honor our employees who go above and beyond this outstanding customer service feat is our Promises Kept Award. This award is presented each year at our annual Employee Christmas Party.

This year’s team award recipients include five employees who worked on the Super Bowl Experience project at the Minneapolis Convention Center. Congratulations, Peter Johnson, Matt Larson, Rob Moretto, Pat Sullivan, and Eli Tennison.

The individual award recipient went to Deric Graff for his work at a Takeda Pharmaceuticals project. Congratulations!

“I would like to extend my appreciation to Egan’s electrical department. They were always available and friendly. Their experience and knowledge of the convention center was obvious. When challenges arose, they had solutions. Tasks were often completed as fast as the call went in for them. Spirits were always high which was appreciated after many long days. It was a privilege to work with this team. Thank you for helping us accomplish a successful Super Bowl Experience.”

– Hathaway, Super Bowl Experience

“Thank you to Egan’s team for the great service you provided to the Minneapolis Convention Center. Your work and dedication exceeded expectations and the team worked endless hours without compromise. No matter the obstacle, the team found a solution. Thank you for your continued support.”

– Brereton, Minneapolis Convention Center

Deric Graff has provided invaluable contributions to the recently completed Facility Restart Project, known as Project Optima. He has also contributed in other capacities including original facility construction, site maintenance, and operational readiness.

Deric’s superior skill, knowledge, judgment, and understanding as well as his unwavering dedication to identify, explain, build, test, and document the best possible solutions, is significantly responsible for bringing our facility to the budgetarily sound and timely state of completion we find it in today.

“It has been my privilege to work collaboratively with Deric. I have learned and benefited immensely from his ideas, perspective, and his ability to detect and correct errors before rework becomes necessary. He holds himself to the highest of standards for quality and professionalism in all aspects of his work.”

– Klopp, Takeda