Egan Company


April 29, 2020

Building readiness and reducing touch-points for occupants has become a growing area of interest among many facility owners and managers. As our communities experience the beginning stages of stability, how should we prepare buildings? The answer to this question will look different for every organization, facility, and occupant. To help you through unfamiliar territory, we’ve assembled a list of hot topics for consideration in adding further safety precautions in your space or for its occupants.

Building Readiness

  • Inspections and/or repairs
  • Readying mechanical, HVAC, and changing air filters
  • Readying Fire/Life Safety systems

Occupied Space and Reducing Touch-Points for Occupants

  • Installing low-touch or no-touch fixtures, switches/motion sensors, doors, drawers, ADA door operators
  • Integrating temperature screening or body thermal technology
  • Installing plexiglass shields where social distancing is a challenge
  • Disabling touchscreens and considering other remote access solutions

Real estate organizations such as Cushman & Wakefield have also developed best practices to prepare workplaces for post-COVID-19 recovery. See its guide and checklist on the “Safe Six”: preparing the building, preparing the workforce, controlling access, social distancing, reducing touch-points, and communicating for confidence.

If there’s anything we can do to support your plans, contact your Egan resource or send a message.