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We are Egan Millwrights

Friday, July 9th, 2021

Egan Company millwrights have worked on projects across the Twin Cities since 1999. 


Millwrights move, install, and maintain anything that moves or needs to be moved. They are tradespeople who are precise, analytical, and safe in their craft. Some of the roles millwrights also fulfill include rigging, welding, custom fabrication, and precision alignment. The job of a millwright is different every day, challenging them to learn and innovate solutions often.

Egan millwrights are members of Local Union 548 and 1091.


In case you missed our specialty trades video series, take one minute to learn what our millwrights can do for you! These are the faces behind our products and services. Without their commitment to safety, innovation, and exceeding customer expectations daily, we wouldn’t be able to do what we do.

Cultivating The Art of Food

Tuesday, August 1st, 2017

With an abundance of fertile farm land and innovative revolutionaries, Minnesota has been a force to be reckoned with for centuries in the agricultural and manufacturing industries. In the early years, farming was all done by hand, with a little help from heavy and difficult-to-operate machinery. Over the years, new inventions have made farming significantly easier, including the use of hydropower in watermills to increase grain production in Minneapolis (aka the “Mill City”).

With these new innovations, farmers were able to produce and distribute crops at a more rapid pace, creating a need for more automated processes. To fill this need, many of Minnesota’s largest companies began to revolutionize the food industry even further by making production simpler and more automated.

Industrial and manufacturing facilities began cropping up to help provide food globally. Most of these facilities were primarily in the southern part of the Twin Cities due to the close proximity to existing grain production facilities and river access. As the industry has exponentially grown, Egan Company has steadfastly provided its multi-trade services to grow customer business and enhance production in numerous facilities across the Midwest.

Today, food production follows a standard process – production on a farm/ranch, processing in a manufacturing facility, distribution to stores/restaurants, and consumption at a home/restaurant. But there’s a lot that goes into the processing step that many people don’t realize. Equipment needs to frequently be moved or upgraded, production lines require routine maintenance, facilities are expanded – and that’s when Egan Company is called.

Recently, Egan Company trades provided TreeHouse Foods upgrades to a private label food processing facility.

In May 2016, a building addition was added onto the existing facility. Egan provided underground plumbing and HVAC for the new space, with piping and sheet metal prefabricated in Egan’s Mechanical Shops. Once construction was complete, two, fully-functioning production lines were assembled for making and distributing snack foods across North America.

The teams worked alongside each other to install each piece of equipment for the production lines. Millwrights rigged, assembled, and precisely aligned the equipment, while process controls electricians followed up with the electrical installation for each piece of equipment.

“Working with other Egan trades is great. From my experience, customers enjoy having multiple trades with Egan on the same jobsite. They see a safe and clean environment with excellent communication.”

-Cole Witteman, Egan Millwright Field Leader

In addition, the control panels for the kitchen and conveyance systems were prefabricated in Egan’s U.L. 508A Panel Shop, then installed onsite to integrate with the existing system. Along these production lines, robot arms were installed by millwrights to pack and move the snack food along through production. These robots are programmed to be compatible with the control panel at each station of the line.

For industries like food production, Egan’s willingness to help other trades succeed and our in-house, multi-trade collaboration is an advantage unmatched by competitors.

Project Team: TreeHouse Foods

Egan Services Provided: Chilled water piping, plumbing, sheet metal exhaust duct, electrical installation, PLC/HMI programming, CAD, robot assembly and installation, cat walks, precise alignment & equipment moving, conveyance, electrical controls, and routine plant maintenance.


Collaboration with millwrights for safety, precision, and speed

Monday, September 15th, 2014

On a Tuesday afternoon, Egan Company was tasked with a project: Daktronics, a scoreboard and electronic display company, needed help to safely raise 3,000 pounds of cable dangling 150 feet from the Xcel Energy Center ceiling. And it had to be done in 72 hours.

The scoreboard had been lowered, taken apart, and left in the middle of the Xcel with wires dangling from the ceiling. In three days, the Xcel needed to be set up for a Rod Stewart concert. Xcel thought the wires could be raised and set on the catwalks high above the floor; however, the catwalks could not support the weight of the cables.

Further situation analysis by Egan’s Electrical Foreman, Project Manager, and Safety Director led to a concern with safety.

They concluded that a millwright needed to be involved to ensure the cables were lifted and installed safely. Egan Certified Millwright Marc Beltz met the team at the Xcel to determine a safe solution.

Egan’s millwright team is safe, efficient, and thorough. They understand what is needed to make the project work and that the needs of the client are to be met.

–Jason Hanlon, Braun Intertec Associate Principal/Senior Structural Engineer

Since 1999, Egan Company has offered millwright services to customers. Millwrights specialize in safely moving heavy equipment and the precise alignment of machines. Essentially, a millwright is an industrial mechanic.

Beltz and the electrical team partnered with Braun Intertec to develop a plan to raise the cables. Braun Intertec engineered rigging that met Egan’s objective to safely lift the heavy cables. The design was completed by early afternoon on Wednesday and the steel rig was fabricated on site by the Egan millwright team the next day.

Egan’s millwright team understands that all procedures, design, and construction need to meet certain standards and requirements before the work can be completed,

said Jason Hanlon, Associate Principal/Senior Structural Engineer at Braun Intertec.

It takes more than just muscle to complete a job like this. Egan millwrights work with a high degree of precision and certainty to ensure proper installation of heavy materials. Once a precise and safe installation procedure was established on Thursday, the cables was lifted and installed in the ceiling in time for fans to enjoy the Rod Stewart concert.
Beltz attributes the success of this job to the great collaboration between groups at Egan.

We have the opportunity to work with every group at Egan and also collaborate with engineering firms,

Beltz said. “We’re proud to offer millwright services to customers.”

Beyond precisely moving heavy equipment, Egan millwright services also include welding, machinery installation, rigging, preventative maintenance for mechanical equipment, optical and laser alignment, and custom fabrication.
Primarily, Egan millwrights work in the power plant, foundry, food production, and manufacturing industries.

“We provide specialized services that you can’t get from anyone else but a millwright,” Beltz said. “If it moves, you need a millwright.”

Historically, the “mill” in millwright comes from building and maintaining flour mills, paper mills, and sawmills powered by wind and water. Though the trade has evolved since then, the basic idea is the same: to provide customers with necessary services to keep industries producing.