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Why Do You Need Bipolar Ionization?

Thursday, July 15th, 2021

The road to cleaner and healthier indoor air begins with bipolar ionization technology. Bipolar ionization is an air purification process that works to deactivate airborne bacteria. This process improves filter effectiveness, indoor air quality, and eliminates odors at their source.


Let’s break this process down. As air flows through purification tubes, this technology releases charged ions, energizing the air and creating bipolar (both positive and negative) ions. As a result, millions of positive and negative ions are created, causing airborne particles to cluster. The charged ions disrupt the bonding of bacteria cells effectively deactivating them.


The list of reasons your facility needs bipolar ionization technology is endless. First and foremost, unlike many other air purification processes, bipolar ionization replicates a naturally-occurring process so it doesn’t leave an odor nor is it harmful to facility inhabitants. Throughout this process dust particles, bacteria, and anything else floating through the air is diminished.  

Second, installation of bipolar ionization systems does not require HVAC systems to be re-engineered, but rather can be installed directly in the ductwork or air unit. Since there is no filter to change, maintenance is necessary less frequently, only occurring when ionization tubes need to be replaced.


Bipolar ionization units are a great option for event centers, housing complexes, schools and universities, churches, commercial businesses, labs, and beyond. Any facility that seeks to provide clean and healthy indoor air to its inhabitants is an optimal candidate for these services.


Egan’s team is here to help you create a healthier environment and mitigate the spread of bacteria and dust particles through ionization services. Making bipolar ionization a priority for your business frequently goes hand in hand with air balancing. Once ionization is completed, it’s important to check air flow to ensure dampers are opened and ionization is maximized for optimal building readiness.

What Checks Are Needed To Prepare Facilities Post COVID-19?

Thursday, June 10th, 2021

After a year of the COVID-19 pandemic, more and more people begin the transition back to working in office spaces. Building readiness becomes an important topic for many facility managers who will work to prepare facilities post COVID-19. What’s the best way to keep your occupants safe? What steps are needed to ready your building? While the answer to these questions looks different in every situation, we’re here to walk you through some of your options.


Building readiness as a whole stretches far beyond COVID-19 safety, but this concern requires more immediate attention. In this instance, preparation often addresses the utilization of spaces, measuring and controlling occupancy within a building, entry sites, and sanitation. The first step is assessing your options and creating a plan.


  • Readying mechanical and HVAC
  • Changing air filters
  • Bipolar ionization and air balancing
  • UV lighting
  • Low-touch or no-touch fixtures, switches/motion, sensors, doors, drawers, ADA door operators
  • Temperature screening or body thermal technology
  • Plexiglass shields

Even though the new normal may look different and can be confusing, Egan Company is here to be your resource through the transition considering equipment, systems, technology, and preventative maintenance. Safety is an integral part of our company values and we are happy to play a role in keeping your occupants safe. Connect with us to start creating your plan to prepare your facility post COVID-19.