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Top Building Technologies For Schools

Friday, July 12th, 2024

School districts are always looking for new ways to improve the safety, security, and comfort of the buildings for students and staff. Building technology integration plays a crucial role in creating a safe and engaging learning environment. With new technologies and building automation upgrades, schools can plan ahead for the safety and quality of their building for students and staff for years to come. 


Fire alarm and life safety systems are essential for fire detection and life safety needs throughout school buildings. Auditing and reviewing these systems every 10 years or so is important to ensure they are meeting your facility’s needs and you are utilizing the latest technology available to keep your schools safe. Intelligent fire alarm control panels provide early warning capabilities, allowing for quick response and evacuation during emergencies. With features such as easy-to-use panels, mass notification systems, and graphical user interfaces, schools can ensure the highest level of safety for students and staff. 


Advanced security systems, including video surveillance, intrusion systems, and access control, can help monitor and control access to school premises. This building technology can integrate into existing systems, or schools can undergo complete security upgrades during the summer. Integrating these technologies can further improve the safety of schools by connecting to lockdown systems and access control technology for emergencies. Many schools are implementing additional access control measures, including badging, visitor management, mobile credentials, and building lockdown integration with these systems. Individual classrooms as well as entire wings of a campus can have access control measures, keeping every student safe wherever they may be. 


Effective communication is vital in schools. Robust communication systems, such as intercoms and public address systems, enable clear and efficient communication within the premises. Connecting these communication systems with electronic message boards, monitors, and other mass notification systems is an effective way to distribute messages throughout the school or campus, whether you’re trying to contact an individual classroom or the entire building at once. Moving from analog to digital communication systems can more effectively reach students and faculty during lockdowns, weather events, school announcements, and other communications needs. 


Building automation systems allow schools to have greater control and efficiency over their lighting and HVAC systems, leading to cost effective solutions and comfortable classroom environments all year round. A building automation system integrates smart technology to optimize the usage of lights, heating, and cooling systems throughout the entire school, including individual classrooms. Setting up these systems to operate based on occupancy in a room can reduce operating costs, improve the longevity of the equipment, and assist in your decarbonization initiatives. By utilizing a building automation system throughout each building, school districts can maximize the efficiency, cost, and comfort of running the building, whether it is during peak school hours or the downtime months during summer.  


As schools strive to create safe and conducive learning environments, building technology integration becomes increasingly more important. By integrating the latest technologies into buildings, school districts can enhance the safety, security, and overall functionality of educational institutions. Considering upgrades in the near future? Contact Egan Company’s Automation and Technology team to learn how you can benefit from new technologies.

Creating the Ultimate Luxury Shopping Destination

Monday, May 8th, 2017

Shop, Dine, Stay – Galleria Edina is a testament to the trend for shopping malls in Minnesota. Many malls across the state have adopted a philosophy of creating a shopping destination, offering places for people to shop, eat, engage in recreational activities, and sleep.

The Galleria was initially developed in 1976 with Gabbert’s Furniture Store, and slowly stores were added and enclosed to create a mall similar to the Southdale Center. Since its initial construction, Egan Company has been involved with various expansions and developments of this luxury shopping mall.

In 2008, Galleria Edina was expanded and a new 18-story Westin facility – comprised of 225 hotel rooms and 82 high-end condominiums – was attached to provide the full destination experience. The building also includes a pool, bar/restaurant, meeting space, ballroom, and different parking options. Egan provided Design/Build electrical services and installation of the phone/data, access controls, and fire alarm. A security system and cameras were also installed in the facility’s parking ramp.

Since the construction of Westin Galleria, Egan has assisted with numerous projects, including cooling tower upgrades, owner upgrades to vacant spaces, and pump system replacements. The installation of the mechanical and electrical systems, required coordination of many trades including pipefitting, sheet metal, plumbing, electrical, and millwrights. In addition, Egan provides routine maintenance on retail locations within the mall and Westin Edina Galleria.

Currently, the mall has over 375,000 square feet of retail space, and a recent addition on the mall’s east side adds 20,000 more square feet. The expansion adds several restaurants, home furnishing stores, and apparel shops. Galleria Edina also features a new concept of a ‘restaurant-in-a-bookstore’ at the relocated Barnes & Noble.

Egan has brought many mechanical and electrical solutions to the Owner at all phases of the project, including suggested grease interceptor piping routes, water feature plumbing, and recommended rework to existing and new electrical panels for tenant requirements.

-David Kray, Kraus-Anderson Senior Project Manager

Project Team: Kraus-Anderson Construction, Hines Property Management

Egan Services Provided: Cooling tower upgrades, pump system replacement, mechanical system build-outs, millwright services, electrical infrastructure, fire alarm, phone/data, access controls, security system, and 24/7 maintenance