Egan Company

Enabling the Joy of Bike Riding

July 24, 2023

Last week a group of Egan Company employees worked alongside Bikes4Kids to both build new bikes and help clean and refurbish bikes that will be gifted to children in the local Minnesota community. 

Bikes4Kids (B4K) is a local organization that recycles and refurbishes used bikes to distribute them to children and adults in need. The bikes are received across the Twin Cities by individuals and businesses alike. B4K believes that providing a child with the joy of a bike is priceless. Consultants and specialists from local bike shops provided insights to volunteers to ensure bicycles are properly repaired and restored.

“I volunteer for the Bike4kids event because it is an easy way to give back to the community. I used to work at a community bike shop and got a lot of fulfillment out of helping people fix their bikes for free. I remember as a kid what it was like to learn how to bike and how much freedom came with it,” shared Cody Johnson, Egan Company Safety Coordinator and Bikes4Kids volunteer.

This is the second year Egan employees have volunteered with Bikes4Kids.