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Leading By Example: Jason Rosati

January 4, 2024
Jason Rosati

As a second-year student in Anoka Technical College’s Electrical Construction program, Jason Rosati, current Egan Company Vice President of Electrical Special Projects, was appointed to the Construction Electrician Advisory Committee. Since 1996, he has served on the committee and was elected by his peers to lead as chairperson in 2014. 

Rosati brings a variety of experience and industry knowledge to his role as chairperson of the committee: student, Electrician, Project Manager, Group Leader, and Vice President of Egan’s Electrical Special Projects team. His background helps in his role and the responsibilities he takes on, including assisting the department head, seeking input from the other members to develop meeting agendas, and facilitating the meetings twice a year at the college. 

The Anoka Technical College Advisory Committee is made up of members of the faculty, two student representatives, the Dean of Academics, Minneapolis JATC, Minnesota Electrical Association, and five electrical contractors. The committee meets twice a year to review curriculum, consult on class syllabi, discuss new and emerging trends in the industry, and support students as they prepare for a career as electricians. The group recently held mock interviews for students to prepare for their job search and receive feedback from industry veterans. 

Rosati has been a part of Egan’s Electrical team since 2002. He started working in the field as a Journeyman and Field Leader in commercial and light industrial work. He also worked as a Project Manager before becoming the Operations Manager for Egan’s Electrical Special Projects team. Now, serving as the Vice President of Electrical Special Projects, Rosati embraces innovation and uses his deep understanding of the industry to help move Egan forward.

“It is a great honor to be part of the Construction Electrician Advisory Committee,” said Rosati. “It means I am able to share my perspective of the industry, as my roles have changed since I walked these same halls, which has helped shape our current and future workforce. I hope to bring forth industry needs and trends for curriculum development to ensure graduating students have what they need to be successful in their future.”