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InterClad Recognized as a NACC Contractor

Tuesday, May 2nd, 2023

Continually looking for ways to set the bar higher – that’s our goal at Egan Company. We’re honored to announce that we have been recognized as a contractor of the North American Contractor Certification Program for Architectural Glass and Metal Contractors (NACC).

The NACC certifies contractors based on competency, business practices, and adherence to industry-accepted guidelines. NACC Contractors must complete a rigorous review process before receiving the certification.

Vice President Ryan Woodruff states, “Throughout our 25 year history Egan has always recognized the importance of safety and quality in all that we do and being able to obtain a certification through NACC that confirms that commitment is something we’re very proud of.”

Egan is the third contractor in Minnesota to hold this certification.

For more information on the NACC, visit their website.

We Are Egan Iron Workers

Monday, September 27th, 2021

Iron working trade services have been part of Egan Company since 1998, with the creation of InterClad. Iron workers install storefront, curtainwall, panels, window wall systems, hand railings, translucent panels, and more.


From moving, installing, unloading, and setting curtainwall to welding and operating aerial lifts – an iron worker can do it all. Iron workers are responsible for getting the materials physically onto a building. And, all of our iron workers are members of Local Union 512.


In case you missed our specialty trades video series, take one minute to learn what our iron workers can do! These are the faces behind our products and services. Without their commitment to safety, innovation, and exceeding customer expectations daily, we wouldn’t be able to do what we do.

We are Egan Glassworkers

Tuesday, August 24th, 2021

Fabrication services for commercial glass and glazing systems have been a part of our scope of work at Egan Company since 1998. The InterClad team’s glasswork can be seen across the Twin Cities and the Midwest, often in high-rise housing, office buildings, stadiums, hospitals, hotels, and government facilities.


Glassworkers prefabricate curtainwall, storefront, and composite panel systems used to enclose a building. Our glassworkers are all members of Local Union 1324. Within Egan’s InterClad prefabrication shop, glassworkers cut, prep, and assemble the curtainwall and composite panel systems. They frequently work hand-in-hand with other trades at Egan to provide the highest quality workmanship to our customers.


In case you missed our specialty trades video series, take two minutes to learn what our glassworkers can do! These are the faces behind our products and services. Without their commitment to safety, innovation, and exceeding customer expectations daily, we wouldn’t be able to do what we do.

A+ Testing for InterClad’s Curtainwall Systems

Monday, January 4th, 2021

Quality assurance is a promise Egan Company continues to provide customers on every project from every team and business offering. From placing that last electrical plate over an outlet to testing the integrity of a building façade, Egan will ensure the utmost quality on everything we construct, install, or remodel. 

Recently, Egan’s curtainwall system manufactured by Erie Architectural Products for the Essentia Health Vision Northland project in Duluth, Minn., underwent a series of performance tests to ensure even the toughest environmental elements wouldn’t compromise the integrity of the system. Over the course of two full testing days and an additional week in -30 degree weather conditions, a full size mockup section of the system had to pass 17 performance tests before any of the 2,700 units (almost 200,000 square feet) of curtainwall could be installed on the project. 

An airtight chamber was constructed on one side of the curtainwall system. The first tests completed are the Static Air Infiltration and the Static Water Penetration tests. These set a baseline for all additional tests, and both of these tests are completed after every round of testing to ensure the performance has not been affected. If either of the tests were to fail, the entire testing process would need to start over. 

All curtainwall systems installed on any Egan project undergo field testing to assess proper installation. A lab test is unique and is typically conducted when the curtainwall system is custom-designed and fabricated for the job. This project, for Essentia Health located in Downtown Duluth, has very stringent structural and thermal requirements which necessitated the lab tests be performed prior to starting the project. The project is a $900M hospital tower, clinic, and outpatient center that will add approx. 942,000 sq. ft. to Essentia Health’s Duluth campus. 

Additional tests that the system had to pass included air from a large wind generator directed at the curtainwall as water is sprayed; this is the Dynamic Water Penetration test. Other tests that focus on the structural design and movement, both vertically and horizontally, place additional stress on the system. Finally, the lab created a temperature simulation in the airtight chamber that lowered the ambient temperature to -30 degrees; the crews were unsure if they’d be able to sustain the extreme temperature requirements since this is 10 degrees lower than a standard test. Thankfully,  the curtainwall system passed all performance tests and installation on the project can proceed as planned.

The curtainwall unit went through extreme conditions, not only extreme weather conditions, but structural and movement testing as well,” said Ryan Woodruff, Egan Company Vice President and InterClad Business Leader. “It was great to see our curtainwall pass all performance tests and solidify that we install some of the best curtainwall products in the Midwest.

Curtainwall performance tests included:

  1. Static Air Infiltration Test
  2. Static Water Penetration Test
  3. Dynamic Water Penetration Test
  4. Uniform Structural Design Load Test
  5. Repeat Static Air Infiltration Test
  6. Repeat Static Water Penetration Test
  7. Interstory Differential Horizontal Movement Test
  8. Repeat Static Air Infiltration Test
  9. Repeat Static Water Penetration Test
  10. Interstory Differential Vertical Movement Test
  11. Repeat Static Air Infiltration Test
  12. Repeat Static Water Penetration Test
  13. Thermal Cycling Test
  14. Repeat Static Air Infiltration Test
  15. Repeat Static Water Penetration Test
  16. Building Maintenance Equipment Load Test
  17. Uniform Structural Overload Test


Tuesday, November 17th, 2020

Innovation and safety is the name of the game with Egan’s utilization of the new SpyderCrane mini lift. Identifying a need to install glass in a different way than before at a high-rise project, Egan’s InterClad and Safety teams brainstormed possible options. The innovative and compact SpyderCrane was the solution that fit the installation needed in the confined working area.

“Typically, Egan’s InterClad team utilizes a ground crane to install glass and windows in large high-rise buildings,” said Jason Lindula, Egan Company Safety Manager. “We now use the SpyderCrane to reduce material handling, create a safer installation process, and provide an opportunity for a smaller crew size.”

On a high-rise project jobsite, imagine the SpyderCrane on level six, two Egan employees on level five, and two Egan employees on level four. The SpyderCrane lowers the glass into place from above, allowing the Egan crews on the lower levels to install the glass into place quickly and safely.

Specifications of Egan’s SpyderCrane:

  • Capacity to lift 2,000 lbs.
  • Variable Geometry Outriggers – allows for lifts in tight spaces
  • Remote control and pressure sensitive controls
  • Narrow track width and low center of gravity

We’re still working out the kinks of utilizing a new piece of equipment,” said Ryan Woodruff, Egan Company Vice President. “But the SpyderCrane’s ability to install glass in tight spaces while we utilize additional installation tactics in other areas ensures we’re staying on track for the overall project.

With one SpyderCrane already active on a jobsite, a second SpyderCrane will be arriving soon for use on additional jobsites where confined installation is needed. The precision and safety of the SpyderCrane mini lift provides Egan an opportunity to increase accuracy and ensure safety while continuing to install glass on even the tallest high-rise buildings in the Midwest.

Finance & Commerce Announces 2019 Top Projects

Monday, August 10th, 2020

Rapid changes and growth were experienced in Minnesota which included a stadium, cultural center, and multiple housing and apartment buildings, amongst other projects. As a glimpse into the year 2019, Finance & Commerce published its  “Top Projects” piece which highlights the top new construction and remodels around the state. Amongst these, we see a few familiar spaces. Egan was fortunate to have played a role in five of these top projects.


“The soccer-first venue transformed a once-contaminated and vacant lot in the Midway area into a thriving, popular, and must-see destination.”

Read more about this Top Project

Egan services provided: Curtainwall, storefront, ticket windows, nanawall, entrance doors, and art glass


“The Shakopee Mdewakanton Sioux Community’s culture center blends modern design with visual representations of Native American traditions and history.”

Read more about this Top Project

Egan services provided: Cafeteria build-out, stadium, theater, in-floor radiant heating, cogeneration, glass handrail, glass doors, skylights, sage glass, storefront, aluminum doors, curtain wall, auditorium, low-voltage, lighting controls systems, emergency system, generator, and electrical wiring


“The city of Rochester and other partners have been developing the 16-block area around Mayo Clinic since 2013 into a complex called the Destination Medical Center. Their hope is to build and enhance the DMC’s reputation, not only for medical treatment but also for research.”

Read more about this Top Project

Egan services provided: Mechanical systems, mechanical controls, aluminum curtainwall, aluminum entrance doors, glass handrails, building automation controls and engineering


“Rafter is an $83 million high-rise luxury apartment in northeast Minneapolis designed to reflect the area’s artistic vibe.”

Read more about this Top Project

Egan services provided: Curtainwall, storefront glass, metal panels, fin wall, glass guardrail, nanawall, sliding glass doors, and fire-rated glass


“Over the last four years, the previous 40-year-old Ronald McDonald House had to turn away nearly 4,000 families due to operating at capacity. But the new facility will serve more than 600 families per year.”

Read more about this Top Project

Egan services provided: Added additional parking, play areas, active play areas, and remodel of the existing building


Saturday, August 1st, 2020

MINNEAPOLIS, MN (August 1, 2020) – Egan Company, a Brooklyn Park specialty contractor and systems integrator, announced the promotion of Ryan Woodruff to Vice President. In this senior leadership role, Woodruff is responsible for overseeing business operations and direction for Egan’s InterClad (curtainwall/glazing/metal panels) business.

“Ryan’s attention to operations and processes, aligned with his hands-on leadership style to help others, lead by example, and develop the skills of employees, has been a great asset to Egan,” said Duane Hendricks, Egan Company President & CEO. “In the last year and a half, he has connected well with his team and has taken on the full responsibility of the InterClad business, financials, staff, and operations which includes projects, the shop, and the office.”

Woodruff joined Egan in early 2019 with over 20 years of experience in the curtainwall and glass industry. He was previously a Branch Manager for Forman Ford, managing locations in Omaha, Neb. and Des Moines, Iowa. In addition to numerous Iowa State University projects, Woodruff’s leadership on large and local projects includes the Rafter Apartments, Allianz Field, MCTC Skyway Renovation, and Scheels in Eden Prairie Center. He attended Upper Iowa University in Des Moines, Iowa.

The Minneapolis-St. Paul Business Journal highlighted Woodruff’s promotion in its People on the Move feature.

About Egan Company
Egan Company is a privately-owned, specialty contractor providing building trades to general contractors, engineers, building owners, property managers, and facility engineers. Specialties include: electrical, mechanical, curtainwall/glazing/metal panels (InterClad), millwrights, building technology, controls and system integration, and 24/7 service. Egan serves every stage of a building and provides in-house expertise in planning, design and engineering, construction, and maintenance.

# # #

Media Contact:
Angela Schmidt  //  763-504-3471

Building Rooms With a View

Monday, April 22nd, 2019

Downtown Minneapolis continues to grow in size as more high-rise buildings have joined its skyline in the last year. Former parking lots have converted into 20+ story apartment buildings in seemingly expedited fashion.

Egan Company’s InterClad team has played a role in adding to the exterior and interior beauty of multiple new construction high-rises. Last year, the team finished its scope of work on three luxurious apartment and condominium buildings throughout different downtown neighborhoods – and, even more high-rise work is kicking off for 2019.

“High-rise housing is a major draw for us right now,” said Todd Fechner, InterClad Operations Manager. “With our team’s experience, we’ve been able to build some great relationships with a few of our customers who are taking on these projects. In turn, we’re getting to partner with them again and again.”

Though high-rise housing and hospitality isn’t new for Egan, having simultaneous scopes of such massive sizes is – and, has become the new normal. With this, honing in on specialized glass handling equipment like SmartLifts has helped the team execute multiple big projects efficiently and safely.

Over the past year, Egan has invested in six SmartLift glass handling machines that have played a role in reducing soft tissues injuries on the job, as well as help speed up overall installation time.

“Throughout last years’ projects, we’ve learned how valuable these [SmartLifts] are,” said Fechner. “We strive to continue pushing the envelope when it comes to using innovation within our industry and utilizing SmartLifts have allowed us to remain cutting-edge. We’re excited about what the future looks like using them on upcoming projects.”

365 Nicollet

A 30-story, multi-family and retail development located on historic Nicollet Mall. This contemporary, urban living space includes 10,000 square feet of street level retail space and 370 high-end apartment units.  


  • 16,000 square feet of glazed aluminum curtainwall system
  • 120,000 square feet of pre-glazed windows and terrace doors
  • Custom metal panel system: reveal seam wall panels, flush seam soffet panels, and composite wall panels
  • All curtainwall and metal panels were prefabricated in Egan’s shop

The Legacy

This lavish condominium complex overlooks the Mississippi River in the Downtown East neighborhood of Minneapolis. It is complete with a 17-story tower, eight-story midsection, and 14-story riverfront tower that boasts 374 total units.  


  • 116,000 square feet of pre-glazed windows
  • 400 terrace doors
  • Custom profile flashing at each opening
  • All curtainwall was prefabricated in Egan’s shop

Rafter (Opening Summer 2019)

Adding more depth to the Northeast neighborhood of Minneapolis, this 26-story apartment building is complete with 283 units and 6,000 square feet of street level retail space.  


  • 47,000 square feet of pre-glazed windows and terrace doors
  • 7,400 square feet of glazed aluminum curtainwall and storefront
  • 20,000 square feet of insulated metal panels
  • 28,000 square feet of metal siding panels
  • Glass handrails and miscellaneous interior glazing
  • All curtainwall and storefront frames were prefabricated in Egan’s shop.

Thinking Outside of the Trimble Box

Monday, May 7th, 2018

The Trimble Robotic Total Station is a no stranger to the world of construction. Used mostly at Egan for large, new construction projects, the “Trimble” plays an essential part of laying out electrical and mechanical systems.

Its state-of-the-art design was built to verify even the smallest details between the shop and field prior to construction on jobsites. This makes it an ideal tool to accurately lay out underground utility systems, between floor structures, and other flat-plane surfaces.

Though the Trimble has many uses, it had never been used for the glass and glazing industry until Egan Company took on its biggest curtainwall project to date: U.S. Bank Stadium.

“Given the massive size and architectural shape of the stadium, we knew we’d have to get creative,” said Dan Ford, Egan Company Field Services Manager. “However, the task to efficiently and precisely install glass to this 30-story structure was a challenge we excitedly took on.”

This project sparked a unique, innovative Trimble process allowing Egan to accurately lay out anchors directly to a vertical steel surface (different than Trimble’s intended use) and solve two big installation components: risk of human error and efficiency.

In a traditional layout of curtainwall, there are multiple passes that happen before anchors are welded to the steel structure and the glass inserted. A pass includes many provisional tasks that progress toward a more permanent step within a phase of construction; many “passes” are within a phase.

The multiple passes for a curtainwall project include:

  • measuring and marking reference points by hand
  • verifying those references
  • tact welding temporary anchor points onto the building

With Egan’s Trimble process, many of those passes are removed. A digital layout and survey of the curtainwall happen concurrently allowing anchors to be permanently welded in one pass. Therefore, saving an incredible amount of time and labor. The process also allows the team to identify structural flaws early, which allows time for correction prior to installing glass.

Successfully applying this process at U.S. Bank Stadium has led to similar work on other professional sports infrastructures. NBA franchise, the Milwaukee Bucks, will call a new, beautiful arena home beginning this summer. The aesthetically appealing arena is being constructed by M.A. Mortenson who has tasked Egan and its Trimble expertise for the arena’s complex glass and glazing scope.

“Egan’s innovative thinking and usage of Trimble is a perfect example of the versatility of technology,” said Aric Stott, Product Manager at Trimble. “As a result, they’ve run multiple glass/glazing projects with intricate architectural scopes very smoothly — and we [Trimble] have been able to implement several feature enhancements to our product that have helped us stay ahead of the curve.”


Discover Egan: Smartlift

Wednesday, October 25th, 2017

Designers in the glass industry are specifying larger glass units and pre-glazed windows for today’s buildings. Though aesthetically pleasing, these large pieces of glass can be extremely heavy to handle for installation. However, Egan’s InterClad team is prepared thanks to our investment in four of Smartlift’s 380 Midi’s – or as Smartlift affectionately calls it, one of its “highly efficient glazing robots.”

“The purpose of the Smartlift is to safely handle large, heavy items our tradespeople cannot on the projects where larger pieces of glass are involved,” said Tim Woolworth, Egan Company/InterClad Senior Vice President. “This helps prevent possible injuries that we are at risk for in our industry.”

Smartlift is the market leader and developer for intelligent lifting devices. Characteristics of the robot include:

  • Four suction cups to lift the large, heavy items
  • Hoist and move items up to 840 pounds (380 kg) over any surface
  • Multi-tasking capabilities: drive, hoist, extend, and tilt the attached glass unit simultaneously

A few of our projects that have utilized our Smartlifts:

  • 365 Nicollet
  • Legacy Condominiums
  • University of Minnesota Athletes Village
  • InterContinental Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport

The precision and safety of the Smartlift robot provides Egan an opportunity to increase accuracy and continue installing large glass units found on more and more buildings around the U.S.

Learn more about our InterClad team.