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Optimize and Winterize Your Building’s Systems

Tuesday, November 7th, 2017

The health of your mechanical systems can directly impact the profitability, safety, and productivity of your building. Avoid unplanned downtime with maintenance from Egan.

From boilers to furnaces, trust our technicians to improve your heating systems. We can help:

  • Ensure occupant comfort and safety
  • Optimize efficiency and increase energy savings
  • Extend equipment life
  • Prevent potential problems
  • Improve indoor air quality and temperature control
  • Recommend system improvements and upgrades
  • Replace filters and belts as needed

Prepare your building for the coldest time of the year by scheduling an appointment with one of Egan’s trained HVAC technicians. Call 763.762.5636 or email us at


Monday, September 11th, 2017

Whether steam or hot water, boilers require routine tune ups to run at top efficiency and produce low utility costs. A complete boiler tune up from Egan Company’s licensed and trained technicians will measure efficiency, correct any problems, and improve overall performance.


  • Pre/post combustion efficiency measurement
  • Safety controls inspected
  • Combustion air flow and air intake adjusted
  • Adequacy of combustion air intake in range
  • Proper venting implemented
  • Burners, combustion chamber, and heat exchanger surfaces cleaned
  • Draft control dampers operating
  • System installation visual inspection
  • Burner nozzles inspected
  • Any water or gas leaks repaired
  • Steam pressure controls released

Once a tune up is completed, Egan will submit a report to the utility company for a boiler rebate. To learn more about our 24/7 service offerings, give us a call at 763.762.5636 or email us at


Wednesday, August 9th, 2017

When managing multiple facilities or numerous multi-tenant commercial buildings, streamlined and easy-to-use access control systems make all the difference. With several access control system solutions available, Egan Company can help find the right fit for any facility. From a two-door  to two-thousand door system, no matter the scope, we’ve got any facility protected.

Advantages of a Single Electronic Access Control System

  • One Network-Based System – consolidate multiple buildings onto one network and eliminate keys
  • Internal and External Card Access – control or limit entry to buildings or to certain areas within the building
  • Simplified Database Management – store information in a centrally managed database to quickly grant or remove access to the building
  • Comprehensive Building Reports – in the event of a security breach, track down who entered the building during a specific time
  • Centralized Security Solution – integrate other security products (i.e., cameras, intercom, fire) onto one network

Additionally, once a system is installed, Egan Company provides preventative maintenance to ensure installed systems always run optimally.

To learn more about our access controls solutions and our 24/7 service offerings, give us a call at 763.762.5636 or email us at

Keep Cool With Routine HVAC Maintenance

Thursday, June 22nd, 2017

This summer, avoid costly downtimes and protect your HVAC system from excessive buildup of cottonwood pollen. Egan Company’s summer coil cleaning team can keep your equipment running in top condition.

From roof-top-units to cooling towers to chillers, our trained coil cleaning team can service your system to:

  • Lower compressor amperage
  • Increase energy savings
  • Improve efficiency and capacity of system
  • Prevent avoidable service calls
  • Extend equipment and internal components life

In addition to a yearly power wash, it is recommended that all buildings also install hail and cottonwood screens to further protect your equipment from the elements.

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Don’t Take a Rain Check on Summer Maintenance

Wednesday, May 17th, 2017

Don’t let severe weather rain on your parade this summer. Wind, hail, and thunderstorms could damage your electrical and mechanical equipment. Avoid costly property damage and make sure your equipment is protected by doing routine preventative maintenance this summer.

Tips to keep your building running at top performance:

Tip #1 – Install hail guards to prevent damage to your HVAC equipment
Tip #2 – Clear airborne debris from HVAC equipment coils
Tip #3 – Clean and replace air filters to ensure proper indoor air quality
Tip #4 –
Install a lightning protection system to reduce risk of damage
Tip #5 – Routinely clean your drains to avoid costly plumbing backups

Even if there’s nothing wrong with the system yet, multiple storms can have a cumulative effect on your equipment. Repeated damage may require a full replacement of the equipment, meaning significant downtime of your systems. Take preventative steps now to protect your facility’s equipment this summer.

For more information, contact Egan’s Service team.