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Don’t Take a Rain Check on Summer Maintenance

May 17, 2017

Don’t let severe weather rain on your parade this summer. Wind, hail, and thunderstorms could damage your electrical and mechanical equipment. Avoid costly property damage and make sure your equipment is protected by doing routine preventative maintenance this summer.

Tips to keep your building running at top performance:

Tip #1 – Install hail guards to prevent damage to your HVAC equipment
Tip #2 – Clear airborne debris from HVAC equipment coils
Tip #3 – Clean and replace air filters to ensure proper indoor air quality
Tip #4 –
Install a lightning protection system to reduce risk of damage
Tip #5 – Routinely clean your drains to avoid costly plumbing backups

Even if there’s nothing wrong with the system yet, multiple storms can have a cumulative effect on your equipment. Repeated damage may require a full replacement of the equipment, meaning significant downtime of your systems. Take preventative steps now to protect your facility’s equipment this summer.

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