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Fire Impact Requires Rapid Response from Egan Trades

Monday, December 28th, 2020

For over 75 years, Egan Company has committed to providing exceptional service and keeping our promises to our customers, no matter the time of day nor the severity of the need. When a fire destroyed part of Burnett Dairy Cooperative’s Grantsburg, Wisc. plant this summer, Egan was consulted immediately to develop a plan to get the plant fully operational as soon as possible. 


Known for producing award-winning, high-quality cheese products for over 120 years, and with customers waiting for products in their stores, the need to get the plant fully operational as soon as possible was of utmost importance. Working around the clock, multiple Egan crews comprised of six different trades partnered with Burnett Dairy and additional contractors to demolish and rebuild the infrastructure that was damaged in order to get the production lines back up running.

“We’ve worked with Burnett Dairy for the past few years and have formed a strong relationship,” said Dan Reintjes, Egan Company Project Manager. “When the call came in that we were needed to help after the fire, we were there as fast as possible to get the infrastructure and  production lines in perfect working order again.” 

The fire is believed to have started in the boiler building, which will require a complete rebuild. In the meantime, a temporary operation was conceived and constructed to ensure cheese production and assembly continued.  Egan’s process controls team worked late into the first night getting power to three of the plant’s electrical services and started a complete demolition of the fourth 2000 amp 5-section service gear which was then designed, built, installed and operational in nine days. The ammonia compressors were also powered up with generators on the first day in order to get Burnett Dairy’s warehouse coolers running to save all the products that were  already produced. Egan’s Mechanical team worked to make damaged piping safe and get temporary water piping installed as well as planning for a temporary boiler installation.

Egan was one of the contractors that was onsite within 18 hours of the fire trucks leaving the scene and didn’t leave until the plant was fully operational,” said Dave Gaiser, Burnett Dairy Cooperative CEO.  “With their help, Burnett was able to get our retail store back open within a few days so we were able to open for the weekend after the fire.  Within seven days, they assisted with getting one of our packaging lines operating so we could package cheese from other manufacturers and begin shipping to our customers. Egan worked 24/7 coordinating with other contractors to get Burnett running within two months of a fire impacting all utilities servicing the plant.

Beyond the initial scope of work that was completed to get the plant operational, additional projects were finished in order to restore complete operation to the plant. Egan engineers designed and programmed a new control system for the milk transfer and CIP systems that were lost in the fire, and additional electricians were tasked with installing new power distribution panels and feeders as well as installing the new milk transfer and CIP control panels and interconnect wiring.

Working alongside the controls electricians, Egan’s Mechanical trades were tasked with setting up the temporary, 900 horsepower self-contained boiler.  The team was also responsible for hydro testing and repairing all existing piping to ensure functionality and safety due to the fire.


The plant was back up and operational in 62 days, processing milk from 150 farms, and bringing 300 people back to work.

Burnett Dairy is currently operating with a temporary boiler trailer in place and due to the work of many contractors working within a tight timeline. Next steps for the plant include the design, engineering, and construction of the new boiler building; Egan’s full-time maintenance presence at the plant will continue, and any additional help the site needs as it starts the process of rebuilding from the fire.  

“Egan is a valuable business partner and the accomplishments of the past couple of months would not have been possible without them,” said Gaiser.


  • 35 Egan onsite electricians
  • 15 Egan controls and mechanical engineers contributed to the needed design and engineering
  • 31 Egan plumbers, pipefitters, and sheet metal workers were onsite
  • 5 limited energy technicians delivered network installations with all new data cabinets and cabling for the plant
  • 10 control panel technicians built eight U.L. 508A control panels on a tight turnaround

Video Series: We Are Egan Limited Energy Technicians

Wednesday, March 28th, 2018

With 13 specialty trades and a wide array of services, we often hear, “I didn’t know Egan did that!” To highlight our expertise, we giving the spotlight to one trade every month throughout 2018.

This month, all eyes are on our Limited Energy Technicians. And, in case you missed our previously featured trades, you can still check each of them out here: Millwrights, Iron Workers, Glaziers, and Pipefitters.

Upcoming Twin Cities Events Drive DAS Technology

Thursday, December 14th, 2017

In today’s social media driven world, everyone has a platform to share their in-the-moment experience. And, with the millions of visitors set to visit the Twin Cities over the next few years for Superbowl LII in February, the NCAA Men’s Final Four Championship in 2019, and a growing amount of concerts and special guests, the need for reliable cell phone service from carriers is vital.

Minneapolis and the rest of the Twin Cities have been preparing for the influx of cell phone service needed during these large events by installing a Distributed Antenna System (DAS). DAS technology is utilized to cover isolated areas within a large building that have poor cell phone coverage.

“A few of the Downtown buildings where we’ve installed DAS include the Fifth Street Towers, the U.S. Bank Plaza, the U.S. Bank Tower, the Minneapolis Armory, the Mall of America parking ramps, and one of the DoubleTree hotels,” said Rob Stanley, Egan Company Account Manager. “With these buildings investing in DAS, cell phone users have a better chance of having full service during these monumental events and experiences.”

The distribution of cell phone service throughout a building is completed by two methods. One, a carrier orders a circuit to enter the building via fiber optic in a specified location. Or, two, a carrier will authorize the signal to be captured via a donor antenna. This assembly is typically placed on the rooftop and aimed at the nearest outdoor cell tower. The signal is then brought into the building and distributed to antennas.

All of the major cell phone carriers, including AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon, can utilize the same DAS system. Each carrier shares the device and has its own antenna and receiver which transmits the service to their expectant customers.

Beyond Minneapolis and St. Paul, Egan’s team has installed numerous DAS systems at the Mall of America as they prepare for increased visitors during the holiday seasons and the large sporting events. The Mall of America alone has 54 DAS circuits installed in the parking ramps which include six antennas each that allow for an uninterrupted experience as they visit the venue.

“Visitors of the upcoming major events will now be able to share their amazing experiences with all of their social media followers,” said Stanley. “And have full, reliable service where DAS is installed!”

Egan Company technicians have completed the required training and certifications to install, terminate, and commission DAS Systems. They are fully certified in PIM and Sweep Testing used to commission DAS Systems.