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Wednesday, September 13th, 2017

In concrete batching plants, accuracy and quality are the top priority. Comprehensive and informative quality control processes ensures that concrete facilities’ can provide customers with the safest and highest quality product possible. Egan Company’s KFBatch System delivers on this promise with quality control results that tie directly back to batch tickets.

Concrete facilities utilize data stored in the KFBatch system to monitor:

  • Strengths and cylinder breaks
  • Correct water to cement ratios
  • Concrete product test results, including air and slump testing
  • Overall quality of batches

This information is available on a customizable dashboard, allowing concrete facilities to reduce product waste, enforce strict quality standards, and quickly tie batches back to any recalled products.

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Simplified Remote Access to Batching Systems

Monday, August 14th, 2017

Secured, safe, efficient – deliver hassle-free remote connection to concrete batching systems with Egan Company’s newest product, EganConnect.

With increased network security, remote access is essential to the operation of a facility. EganConnect can guarantee a safe and secure remote connection that allows our engineers and technicians access to a KFBatch system to make any requested improvements or upgrades, without actually connecting to the company’s network.

Each EganConnect is programmed by our team of expert controls engineers and ready to install at concrete facilities. With the EganConnect, you can expect:

  • Faster response time when dealing with system issues
  • Fewer periods of production downtime when system unexpectedly is down
  • Streamlined process with minimal or no IT involvement
  • A safe, secure, and hassle-free connection to your systems

To learn more about the EganConnect, give us a call at 763.595.4373 or email at