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Maximizing Fire Protection Systems

Wednesday, June 27th, 2018

A key role in protecting your building in the event of a fire is a proper fire protection system. Egan Company provides fire and smoke damper inspections per code requirements and can work with you to keep your facility in compliance with local and state building codes.

Our in-house team of fire technicians, sheet metal workers, pipefitters, and electricians work together installing, inspecting, and maintaining fire/smoke dampers everyday throughout Minnesota.

Are you overdue for a test? Inspection and testing of fire dampers, smoke dampers, and combination fire/smoke dampers are required to be completed one year after installation. After the one year mark, fire/smoke dampers must be tested and inspected every four years – except hospitals which have a six year frequency.

Egan’s fire and smoke damper inspection services include:

  • Locating and operating (i.e. actuate) all fire dampers and smoke dampers in your facility, removing and resetting the fusible link to verify the damper fully closes
  • Marking the location of the dampers on drawings; AutoCAD plotting available
  • Manually activating electric smoke dampers and pneumatic smoke dampers to ensure that the actuator is operable and to verify it fully closes
  • Egan will provide a final report listing all code required information: location of damper, damper number, whether the damper passed or failed, and detailed reason for failure
  • Repair quotes will be provided at the completion of the inspection