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Why Should a Contractor be ISNetworld Compliant?

Monday, December 13th, 2021

In the construction and engineering industry, compliance to safety is a necessity. While there are many different ways of proving compliance, one of the more reputable ways of validating a contractor’s safety is through ISNetworld.


ISNetworld (ISN) is an online database for safety management which streamlines compliance pre-qualification.  This network aids organizations—like contractors and hiring clients/customers—by ensuring that regulatory compliance is met.

Most often, a potential end user/hiring customer will request that a contractor be audited. Contractors will submit safety documentation; then, based on guidance from several large companies, ISNetworld assigns the contractor a grade. To be “ISNetworld Compliant”, a company must meet both customer-specific requirements and ISNetworld requirements and receive a “B” or higher overall grade.  While customer requirements vary from company to company, ISNetworld’s Review and Verification Services (RAVS) criteria consistently includes items such as: OSHA Recordable Incidents, Insurance Certification, Safety Programs,  EMR/NCCI Rating, and federal citations. Customers can also request that ISNetworld run a RAVS Plus Implementation Assessment, digging in with an even deeper evaluation.


Hiring organizations make decisions on whether or not to hire a contractor based on their ISNetworld ratings. With this insight, they are able to easily determine the overall safety upheld by a contractor, informing their decision-making process. In turn, failing to maintain ISNetworld compliance results in the loss of customers and projects overall.

Egan is proud to remain ISNetworld compliant with all of our active customers, continually maintaining an “A” grade. In 2020, Egan was selected by one of our customers to complete a RAVS Plus Assessment including evaluation of employee knowledge, assessment of written programs, interviews, and more. We’re honored to have completed this accomplishment which furthered our safe and strong relationship with these partners. For further reading, see Egan’s corporate safety initiatives.