Egan Company

Taking a Ride with BPPD

November 30, 2016

Earlier this year, Egan hosted a Brooklyn Park Police Department (BPPD) K-9 Fundraiser to raise funds for stab- and bullet-resistant vests. Two lucky winners, Jason Lindula, Egan Company Safety Coordinator, and Gary Setala, Egan Company Account Executive, won a ride-along with BPPD Officers Tom/Kilo and Jason/Bongo. Read about Jason and Gary’s firsthand account of their nights:

Jason’s Ride-Along

Jason’s ride-along was on Saturday, November 12. He was out with Officers Tom and Kilo from 6:45pm-2:15am.

We were dispatched to a “suspected” drunk driving related crash where the driver was not wearing a seat belt and hit the wind shield, luckily he was not ejected and was out of the car talking to another cop by the time we got on the scene. There were also several noise complaints that we dealt with that lead to some interesting conversations for the cops.

There were times where I was nervous when we were in apartments and they were talking to some people who may or may not have been under the influence and were becoming agitated. We also had the lights and sirens on driving at a high rate of speed. It was interesting to see how some people are oblivious to a cop approaching them from behind.

Gary’s Ride-Along

Gary’s ride-along was this past Friday, November 18. He was out with Officers Jason and Bongo from 6:30pm-2:30am.

The first call of the night was an armed robbery for pharmaceutical drugs at a local drug store. We left the police station at a high rate of speed with lights and sirens. Bongo was out trying to track the robber, but due to the wind and cold, the scent was not present. The robber disappeared into the neighborhood.

The second call was a mother and mother in-law domestic dispute. Evacuating the mother in-law and others from the home resolved the issue.

The third call was to support Corcoran Police with a vehicle drug stop. Bongo provided sniffing support for searching the vehicle for drugs. Again wind and cold hampered the search, but drugs were found.

Another call assisted a concerned neighbor of an elderly women. She went to bed without turning lights off, bringing her dog in, or closing the patio door. Several officers prepared for the worst when entering the condominium. The lady was found alive and upstairs sleeping.

Also, we then took the time to bring a young man watching a construction site in his vehicle a cup of coffee. Jason had met him a few nights earlier on patrol thinking he might be a bad guy. Needless to say it was a great gesture by Jason Buck.