Egan Company

Putting the Pieces Together

May 15, 2024

While “creative problem solving” may not be found on a typical proposal or scope of work, every project and every jobsite requires teams to think outside the box and bring their perspectives to the task at hand. Egan Company’s Mechanical team recently brought their own unique and creative problem solving approach to a job at a data center facility, using unique equipment to help keep its facility expansion on track.


A large data center with multiple locations throughout the United States, partnered with general contractor Whiting-Turner, who hired Egan’s Mechanical team for critical Computer Room Air Handling unit (CRAH) installation. These units are essential for the integrity and reliability of the computers and servers hosted on-site. The job required multiple teams of different contractors to complete their work simultaneously. Egan’s Mechanical team was focusing on installing piping spools for the CRAH units within the building. This large and heavy equipment requires careful planning and the right team to ensure it is installed correctly and safely. 

However, a unique sequencing hiccup presented itself: does Egan install the piping before the walls are built, or does the general contractor put up the walls and have the Egan team install the piping later? 

Each of these sequences came with their own challenges and concerns, particularly around the safety and timeline of the project. Installing the piping after the walls would require more brute strength and unnecessary strain on the materials and Egan’s team. Putting the piping for the CRAH units before the walls would interfere with the work of other contractors. 

Fortunately, thanks to quick thinking and creative problem solving by Egan’s Mechanical field leaders, a safe and effective solution was found. 

The solution proposed allowed the drywall and framing crews to build corridor partitions, leaving out “windows” where the piping spools for the CRAH units could be placed. By utilizing a SpyderCrane — a piece of equipment typically used by Egan’s InterClad team — the crew was able to safely and efficiently install the spool pieces which minimized downtime and disruptions. Most importantly, the unique application of the SpyderCrane enabled a safe work environment, allowing Egan’s tradespeople to complete the job without needing to force equipment into place and risk physical injury or property damage. 


Even though the SpyderCrane is typically utilized by Egan’s InterClad team, the quick and creative thinking by Egan’s field leaders allowed the team to utilize the tools and resources Egan has on-hand. Multi-discipline expertise and collaboration on jobsites enables everyone to find success and complete their projects efficiently and safely. The project was completed in May of 2024, and the timeline was kept on-track thanks to the collaboration and expertise of Egan’s team.

Innovation and creativity are at the forefront of Egan’s approach to each and every project – always ready to use everything in its tool belt to find solutions and get the job done!