Egan Company

Prioritizing Mental Health at Egan Company

May 30, 2024

During Mental Health Awareness month in May, Egan Company is taking the opportunity to relate mental health to safety, on and off the jobsite. Aligning the body and mind is essential for safe operations and effective work days. Ahead of National Safety Month in June, Egan is finding new ways to promote safety in the field, in the office, and wherever else we may work. This includes focusing on our mental presence and wellbeing. 


Working in the construction industry is  demanding physically and mentally. The high-stress environments can add up and take a toll on trades and administrative professionals who are working hard to ensure projects are done safely,  on-time, and with the highest quality. After work, many go home to their families and friends, which can offer a great way to decompress, but can also create additional stress or mental distractions. Over time, the stress continues to build up and can lead to mistakes and potentially harmful injuries. 

Recognizing the impact of mental health on job performance and safety is the first step towards creating a supportive work environment. According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), approximately 1 in 5 adults will experience a mental illness each year. The need for recognition, support, and resources is prevalent, which is why Mental Health Awareness Month is a great opportunity to help everyone recognize the importance of mental health and its connection to safety in the construction industry. 


Mental Health Awareness Month provides an opportunity to promote safety in the construction industry and ensure individuals have access to resources. On the jobsite, Egan teams conduct daily safety plans and active stretching to acknowledge and prepare for the risks associated with the work ahead of them that day. Just as physical risks are present, there are risks that can arise as a result of not being mentally prepared, as well. Taking time ahead of the work day to ensure individuals are able to focus on their work with minimal distractions or mental blockages is essential for safe jobsites and the wellbeing of the people and property with which we are working. 


Ending the stigma of talking about mental health is our goal during Mental Health Awareness Month. Everyone has mental health, and everyone can be impacted by it as well. Safety on the jobsite is not limited to physical precautions, but it extends to mental wellbeing and preparedness. By prioritizing mental health in tandem with Egan’s existing safety initiatives, we are able to create safer work environments, wherever we are working.