Egan Company

Road Work Ahead? Here’s What Goes On During Road Construction Season

June 5, 2024

When you see orange cones on the side of the road during the summer, it can often beg the question: what exactly are they doing? How will this help the roads and infrastructure? Depending on the scope of the work, there can be a number of different things Egan Company’s Electrical Outdoor team and other contractors are doing on the side of the road during the busy construction season. It all is designed to improve the quality of the infrastructure, as well as your experience and safety while traveling. 


No two road projects are the same. A project scope can be as simple as upgrading the lights alongside the highway, while others are much more extensive and require multiple contractors on a single job. Common types of road work includes installing or updating traffic management systems, lighting, new pavement, and reconfiguring the road itself, such as adding new lanes. 


A large aspect of any road work includes utility maintenance, upgrades, and installation. Underneath the road’s surface is a complex network of utilities and wiring. During construction, electricians work alongside other trades to install or relocate electrical lines, communication cables, and water and sewer lines. This often is done in tandem with projects that may require other major roadwork, such as repaving or other significant road reconstruction. Because utility lines can affect hundreds of homes in an area, this phase requires careful coordination to minimize disruptions to existing services. 


Traffic control systems are a big part of road projects, and Egan’s Electrical Outdoor team specializes in the installation, maintenance, and upgrades of these signals and control systems. New technologies and traffic management systems are being installed throughout Minnesota to improve safety of the roads, as well as traffic flow. In addition to stop lights or other traffic management systems, electricians may also be installing street signs, digital signage and highway displays, and will complete additional wiring and electrical installation as needed.


Road construction season is just getting underway in Minnesota, with improvements coming to infrastructure quality, safety on the roads, and technology along highways and streets. From planning and design to installation and maintenance, each phase plays a crucial role in creating safe and efficient roadways. 

Whenever you see us or anyone working on these projects, remember what goes on at the job sites, and slow down when driving through work zones. It takes everyone to be aware during construction projects to help keep our roads safe all year round.