Egan Company

Pneumatic to DDC – Building Automation System Options

November 9, 2016

Many buildings still operate with a pneumatic building automation system, or have no system at all. Converting a system to digital data control isn’t as challenging as one may think.

Utilizing Egan Company’s gradual upgrade transition process, we’ll provide maintenance on an existing system until a building manager is ready to transition to a brand new and efficient model.

A system’s transition process would include:

  • Remote access – You don’t need to be in front of the system to monitor it. We can access a system from a secure network for monitoring or general building knowledge.
  • Major system updates – We’ll take care of any manual updates until the system is set to do it automatically.
  • Minor repairs – Systems will be monitored to ensure everything is in proper working order. If it’s not, we’ll dispatch a licensed and union-trained technician to fix it – day or night.
  • Software upgrades –  Any necessary Internet patches will be incorporated.

If you operate a building and think you are ready to start the process to upgrade your pneumatic building automation system, we’ve got you covered – from installation to 24/7 emergency support.

We have been very fortunate to work with several great Egan services - from plumbing, electrical, automation, and HVAC. It has been, more or less, a seamless project from the start. Moving forward, I would like to upgrade and add more to that system, encompassing the entire data center and building monitoring.
- Confidential Data Center | Facilities Engineer