Egan Company

Safety Training Saves a Life

July 31, 2019

Being prepared when opportunity strikes can yield powerful results. When it comes to safety at Egan Company, the same notion rings true – we prepare our employees for any safety situation. Recently at a customer jobsite, the preparation and heroics of Tanner Knutson, Egan Electrical Field Leader, and Ray Turner, Egan Electrical Journeyman, led to the ultimate result – a saved life.

A Quick and Selfless Response

An average Monday took an unexpected turn when another contractor onsite went into cardiac arrest on the job of Knutson, Turner, and the Egan crew. Reacting immediately to their safety training, Knutson and Turner initiated CPR along with an employee from the other contractor within moments of the collapse. Conrad King, Egan Electrical Field Leader, called 911 while the remainder of the Egan crew assisted EMS arrival and clearing the area.

It has been confirmed that undoubtedly the CPR onsite is what saved our employee’s life. We would like to give a special thanks to Egan’s crew for their selfless assistance in performing CPR,” said a representative of the contractor. “It was truly amazing to see the training these employees have been through come to light and be performed just like textbook. Our employee is now recovering at home and is extremely thankful to the crew who saved his life.

Training for Life

Safety is a core value we believe in and invest resources to continue building on its success. As a company, we encourage both office and field employees to further their safety education through online training programs and classes (like CPR and First-Aid), and onsite trainings because, just like Knutson and Turner, we need to always be prepared. Whether it’s at work or at the family cabin, our goal is for all employees to have the confidence to take action.