Egan Company

How We Stay Safe: Safety Absolutes

February 14, 2024

There is one topic of conversation at Egan Company that every employee can join in on: safety. Every day, conversations around safety are held to ensure jobsites, offices, and every employee is following safe practices and goes home without  injury. While every conversation around safety is different, there are 11 recurring themes that are often at the center of safety discussions. 

Egan’s Safety Absolutes are guiding principles that are designed to reduce incidents and keep our employees, our customers, and our environment safe. The Absolutes were created to reiterate baseline expectations for performing work safely and have been a foundational part of Egan’s Safety Program. They are shared at orientation and posted on jobsites, in shops, around the office, and online to keep them fresh in everyone’s mind. These Safety Absolutes are just part of our company-wide initiatives to prioritize safety everywhere we work. This vigilance on safety resulted in a record-low 1.27 incident rate in 2023, and our Safety Absolutes will contribute to our future efforts of achieving zero incidents. 


Stop Work Expectation: All employees are expected to stop work if an unsafe condition exists.

Fall Protection: Proper fall protection will be used when working at heights at or above 6 feet. Some customers require fall protection at or above 4 feet.

Preventing Utility Hits: Prior to beginning any work activity that could damage an underground utility, there will be active locate tickets, and pre-dig photos or videos captured. Safe digging practices within 2 feet of locate marks will be used.

Excavation / Trenching: Excavations will be properly sloped, benched, and/or protected from cave-in.

Lockout / Tagout: All sources of energy will be properly isolated using locks and tags.

Energized Work: Equipment will be de-energized, unless deemed infeasible (troubleshooting, certain life critical equipment) to turn off by all parties. Workers must be trained and authorized to perform this work using PPE, a signed permit, and approval from Egan Company management. First choice must always be to de-energize.

Hoisting And Rigging: Only authorized employees and proper equipment will be involved in all hoisting and rigging operations.

Confined Space: Confined space work will have documented training, air monitoring, permits, and rescue plans in place.

Operating Vehicles And Equipment: Vehicles and equipment will only be operated by trained and authorized employees.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE): Egan’s baseline minimum PPE must be worn, including hard hat, safety glasses, cut-resistant gloves, and proper footwear. The task or customer may require additional PPE such as a face shield or high-visibility vest.

Daily Safety Planning: Daily Safety Plans and Weekly Toolbox Talks will be completed daily/weekly and Egan’s Active Stretching will be completed daily.


These 11 Safety Absolutes aren’t just guidelines; they are essential focus points for every Egan employee to keep in mind every time they begin work. With these principles at the forefront of the work we do, we can continue to promote safety in the office and on the jobsite, and we can help keep ourselves, our colleagues, and our environment as safe as possible. Everything adds up to ensure we can go home to our families every day.