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Engineering Support

August 23, 2017

When workloads get heavy and staff is overwhelmed, sometimes reinforcements are necessary. To alleviate this pressure, food processing and manufacturing customers utilize the support of Egan Company’s full-time, on-site, trained controls engineers. With schedule flexibility, our team of controls engineers and CAD technicians are available to assist as needed.

The focus areas of an onsite engineer differ depending on the site, but may include:

  • Providing machine upgrades as requested for existing and new projects
  • Designing/implementing new process components and control processes
  • Supplementing the customers’ full-time engineering staff
  • Providing maintenance and troubleshooting of systems
  • Creating CAD symbols and standards
  • Developing new control processes

Throughout the Upper Midwest, industrial and manufacturing customers are utilizing Egan’s industry veterans onsite to deliver engineering skills and industry expertise at their sites.

Most recently, a large manufacturing customer requested the help of three Egan engineers to provide full-time support for the customer’s full-time engineers on backlogged projects.

“These partnerships are great for us and the customer,” said Brian Harren, Engineering Manager. “We know the customer and the facility, which allows us to provide a vetted employee that can work quickly and effectively.”

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