Egan Company

Annual “Best Of” Promises Kept Awards

December 30, 2020

Exceptional customer service means going above and beyond what a customer expects. At Egan, an important piece of our culture is annually recognizing our employees who exemplify this level of outstanding work and service.   

Many times throughout the year, stories are sent to us from customers. Long narratives or short commendation, each story is shared with our Board of Directors who recognize the team or the employee with a gift for keeping their promises.

At the close of each year, two of these special stories are chosen for a Promises Kept Award. This “best of” award recognizes those who have truly gone above and beyond in service to our customers. The winners are usually announced, presented, and celebrated at our annual Employee Christmas Party. Like many things this year, we had to get creative when presenting these awards without the formality of an all-company gathering. In 2020-style, the recognized Egan employees came together in a virtual party to receive their awards for continuing to keep their promises to our customers.

Congratulations to the Individual and Team Promises Kept Award winners! See below to read the customer stories selected for these awards:

Bryce Gransee went above and beyond the call of the job last week when responding to a serious incident. While on the jobsite, Bryce witnessed a worker from another contractor become pinned between some steel and a concrete wall. Bryce and other workers jumped in immediately to provide assistance. When I spoke with Bryce and thanked him, his response was “I just hope someone would do the same for me.” On behalf of Kraus-Anderson and myself, we’d like to say we greatly appreciate Bryce’s ability and willingness to help!

Taylor Klitzke, Safety Coordinator with Kraus-Anderson Construction 

We would like to thank the entire Egan team for the leadership, planning, scheduling, and overall safe execution of the 5400 turnaround and switchgear cleaning. This was the largest turnaround event that has been executed and it wouldn’t have been successful without Egan. Everyone was extremely professional and kept safety and quality as the top priorities. Egan had over 75 employees on site, many being brand new to the facility, and all were receptive to the safety culture. The LVSG cleaning and inspection was completed safely and with the utmost quality. Lastly, the process panel was worked on around the clock to ensure timely execution. The work ethic and quality both crews displayed were above anyone’s expectations. Excellent performance from the Egan team- thank you for your professionalism and support for our 2020 turnaround!

Jennifer Rehder & Richard Thiele of FilmTec – DuPont Specialty Products Division

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