Egan Company


December 7, 2023

There are many skilled trades that contribute to the construction of impressive structures. Among these dedicated professionals, union ironworkers play a crucial role in constructing the frameworks that shape our cities. But what exactly does a union ironworker do? At Egan Company,  ironworkers do it all. From moving, installing, and setting curtainwall to welding structural steel. and operating aerial lifts. It’s not uncommon to see an Egan ironworker perched high atop a new high rise building installing curtain wall or window wall systems that not only keeps the building protected from the elements, but adds to the exterior design. 


Ironworkers are highly skilled and  specialize in the installation, assembly, and maintenance of structural iron and steel components. They work on a wide range of projects, from commercial buildings and bridges to stadiums and high-rise structures. The work of an ironworker is physically demanding and requires expertise in handling heavy materials and operating specialized equipment.


One of the primary responsibilities of an ironworker is the installation of steel frameworks. They are the professionals who connect the skeletal steel structures, which form the backbone of buildings and infrastructure. This involves working at great heights, often using cranes, hoists, and other machinery to maneuver heavy beams, columns, and girders into place. Precision and attention to detail are essential to ensure that the structures are assembled  safely and accurately.


Welding and fabrication are key skills for ironworkers. They possess expertise in welding techniques to join steel components, using arc welding, gas metal arc welding (MIG), and other methods. This enables them to create strong and durable connections between steel elements, ensuring the stability of the structures they construct. Additionally, ironworkers may be involved in fabricating and installing stairs, handrails, and other metal components to complete a project.

Iron workers are dedicated to continuously improving their skills and expertise, especially at Egan Company. Our iron workers are committed to improve innovation in order to exceed customer expectations. Not only are Egan’s ironworkers committed to innovation, but they are committed to safely getting the  job done. Learn more about Egan Iron Workers.