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Burnett Dairy Cooperative – Emergency Fire Response

Multi-Trade Response Helps Plant Recover from Fire


Burnett Dairy Cooperative - Emergency Fire Response


Grantsburg, WI




Mechanical Systems, Modular Mechanical Systems, Industrial Controls, U.L. 508A Panel Shop


Burnett Dairy Cooperative


The plant was back up and operational in 62 days, processing milk from 150 farms, and bringing 300 people back to work // Egan has been providing ongoing maintenance of the plant for over three years


Mechanical Systems, Process Controls, Fabrication

  • Multiple Egan teams helped rebuild and quickly restart Burnett Dairy's Grantsburg, WI location after a fire destroyed part of the plant in July 2020.
  • Known for producing award-winning, high-quality cheese products for over 120 years, and with customers waiting for products in their stores, the need to get the plant fully operational as soon as possible was of utmost importance.
  • Working around the clock, multiple Egan crews comprised of six different trades partnered with Burnett Dairy and additional contractors to demolish and rebuild the infrastructure that was damaged in order to get the production lines back up running.
  • Late into the first night, Egan’s process controls team worked to get power to three of the plant's electrical services and started a complete demolition of the fourth 2000 amp 5-section service gear which was then designed, built, installed and operational in nine days.
  • The ammonia compressors were also powered up with generators on the first day in order to get Burnett Dairy’s warehouse coolers running to save all the products that were already produced.
  • Egan's Mechanical team worked to make damaged piping safe and get temporary water piping installed as well as planning for a temporary boiler installation.
  • Additionally, Egan engineers designed and programmed a new control system for the milk transfer and CIP systems that were lost in the fire, and additional electricians were tasked with installing new power distribution panels and feeders as well as installing the new milk transfer and CIP control panels and interconnect wiring.
  • Working alongside the controls electricians, Egan’s Mechanical trades were tasked with setting up the temporary, 900 horsepower self-contained boiler.