Egan Company

Honoring Veterans on Memorial Day

May 30, 2023

This past Memorial Day weekend, a group of Egan Company employees volunteered with Flags for Fort Snelling to place American flags at the headstones of fallen soldiers at Fort Snelling National Cemetery

Flags for Fort Snelling is a local organization that amplifies the remembrance of our fallen soldiers. Since 2015, volunteers have placed flags at the headstones to honor the American Heroes laid to rest at Fort Snelling on Memorial Day. In 2015, it started with 15 volunteers and 2,7000 American flags; it has since grown to hundreds of volunteers who ensure that every headstone has a flag (over 200,000 flags placed).

“As a veteran myself, it is a simple act that I can do to honor the previous generations’ accomplishments and sacrifices and to keep the memory of them from fading into lost history,” shared Ron Hillberg, Egan Company Limited Energy Technician and Flags for Fort Snelling volunteer.

Rob Steffens, Egan Company Pipefitter who also volunteered stated, “As a 30+ year retired veteran, my family and I believe it is important to remember and not forget the approximately 1% of Americans that proudly gave of themselves for the freedoms we all enjoy every day.”

This is the second year Egan employees have supported Flags for Fort Snelling.