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Safety above all else

When you start a job with Egan, know that safety is valued above all else. We’ve made an ongoing and aggressive commitment to provide all employees with comprehensive training and support to ensure your job site is safe from top to bottom. Safety is ingrained in our culture and we follow a ZERO INJURY safety philosophy—no employee should ever be injured on the job. We follow all the safety standards and make site specific plans for employee & contractor safety.

Egan's Safety Commitment Video (19 min.)

Award winning safety program

Every Egan employee goes through an intensive safety training program, ensuring standard policies and practices are in place when we start your project. Our safety motto “Safety Brings You Home” is the primary focus of our safety program and focuses on safety 100% at your jobsite. We believe that every employee should go home in good or better condition than when they arrived.

Below are some highlights of Egan’s Safety Program:

  • Our Incident Rate is substantially less than the average in Minnesota.
  • We have a corporate Safety Sponsorship program—The Board of Directors / senior leaders conduct at least one safety audit of a jobsite each month.
  • The Egan Safety Committee meets quarterly and reviews OSHA 300 logs, OSHA activity and employee suggestions. It is comprised of field employees from various construction and project groups.
  • We have several 100% requirements and safety rules for all field employees while on a jobsite – including wearing gloves, hardhats, and eye protection at all times.
  • Our top-rated safety program results in lower insurance cost that can be passed on to Egan customers. In fact, Egan has been named one of America’s Safest Companies.
  • Every day, each Field Leader and his or her crew meets and completes a daily safety plan on your jobsite or in our shops.
  • In 2015, we partnered with Minnesota Occupational Health to develop a soft tissue injury prevention program.This Active Streching Program is required daily on every jobsite and aims to improve range of motion, balance, and posture, increase heart rate, blood circulation, nutrients to muscles, and reduce the risk of soft tissue injuries.
  • Each new job requires a Site Safety Plan to assess risk and set up safety precautions throughout every working phase of the project.
  • Egan requires that all workers complete OSHA 10, preferably OSHA 30, and safety training for those operating specific equipment or working on specific jobsites.

Bottom-line: safety is part of the Egan promise.

CONTACT: Larry Hanson, Safety Director // // 763.591.5502

We have been very fortunate to work with several great Egan services - from plumbing, electrical, automation, and HVAC. It has been, more or less, a seamless project from the start. Moving forward, I would like to upgrade and add more to that system, encompassing the entire data center and building monitoring.
- Confidential Data Center | Facilities Engineer
It’s wonderful to know that [Egan] has a close eye on [our fire/life safety systems] from the monitoring service in order to see any potential issues. Because of that, I was contacted by your tech, Kurt, about a communication issue involving Big Woods Elementary. His knowledge of our system is a great relief to me because I know, no matter what, our district is covered and our system will be up and running. The proactive approach is a relief and knowing that Egan has our back and is working for us to make sure we have the best protection is priceless! I sleep a lot easier knowing that we are your customer. Thanks for taking care of us.
- St. Michael-Albertville School District 885 | Director of Buildings and Grounds
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America's Safest Company Award

Recognized as one of America’s Safest Companies, Egan demands safety at every turn. We invest significant resources into employee training and jobsite safety.