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    The high demands and the continued growth of the solar industry requires an expertise that Egan provides. Our team takes pride in building affordable solar systems that will generate reliable, clean power for the future. Our innovative approach to each project is lead by our reputation for safety, workmanship, on-time delivery, and customer satisfaction.


    • Cost savings: Installing solar can help businesses save money on their energy bills by generating their own electricity and reducing their reliance on the grid. Over time, the savings from reduced energy bills can help businesses recoup the system’s cost.
    • Environmental benefits: By using solar power, businesses can reduce their carbon footprint and contribute to a cleaner environment. This can also help improve their public image and reputation, which can be beneficial for attracting customers and employees who value sustainability.
    • Energy independence: Solar allows businesses to generate their own electricity, reducing their dependence on traditional energy sources. This can help insulate them from rising energy costs and power outages.
    • Long-term investment: Solar has a long lifespan and requires minimal maintenance, making them a reliable and cost-effective long-term investment for businesses.
    • Incentives and tax credits: Thanks to a pro-renewables U.S. government administration and increased concern over climate change, many incentives and tax credits are available to businesses that invest in solar power, making it even more cost-effective and attractive.


    • Hoot Lake Solar (Fergus Falls, MN)
    • Iris Solar Farm (Nicollet Township, MN)
    • St. Joseph Solar Farm (St. Joseph, MN)
    • Minnesota Solar Farms (various locations)
    • Assisi Heights Solar
    • Aster Solar
    • Bertram Solar Garden
    • Blue Lake Solar
    • Borrego Solar-Rollingstone
    • Brase Solar
    • Brase Solar Site
    • Brude US Solar
    • Buffalo Solar
    • Buffalo Solar
    • BuffaloSun Solar
    • Byron School Rooftop
    • Centerfield US solar
    • City of Edina Solar
    • Coral Bells Solar
    • Dakota Middle School Rooftop
    • Egan Solar
    • Empire Aggregate Solar Garden
    • Faribault Solar
    • Geranium Solar
    • GraniteSun Solar
    • Gray Cloud Solar
    • Greenhouse US Solar
    • Gregor Solar
    • Halverson School Rooftop
    • Hauer Solar Garden
    • Haugo Solar Garden
    • Hockey Pad US Solar
    • Kerria Solar
    • Longfellow School Rooftop
    • Louise Solar
    • Metro RV & Mini Storage Solar
    • Minnesota Lake Solar
    • National Guard VMS Solar
    • New Munich Solar
    • Olinda Solar
    • Oronoco Solar
    • OsterSun Solar
    • Oxbow Solarwork Sites – RJC I
    • Oxbow Solarworks – RJC II
    • Oxbow Sunworks – Feely
    • Oxbow Sunworks – Heyer
    • Oxbow Sunworks – School Sister
    • Palmer Solar Garden
    • PEM Elgin School Rooftop
    • PEM Plainview School Rooftop
    • Polaris Solar
    • Porter Way Community Solar Garden
    • Primrose Solar
    • QuarrySun Solar
    • Rapidan US solar
    • Sabb Solar
    • Sauk Rapids Solar
    • Scandia Solar Garden
    • Scott Weicht Solar Array
    • Stearns Solar
    • SW Middle School Rooftop
    • Us Solar Cheyenne
    • US Solar Mayhew
    • US Solar Midtown
    • US Solar Milkweed
    • US Solar Monarch
    • US Solar Sunrise
    • US Solar Turkey
    • US Solar Watercity
    • US Solar Watertown
    • US Solar Westeros
    • USS Haven Solar
    • USS White Cloud Solar
    • Vetter Solar
    • Vetter Solar
    • Wabasha I Solar
    • Wabasha II Solar site
    • Wabasha III Solar Site
    • Waconia Solar
    • Waconia solar
    • Waseca Solar
    • Winona I Solar
    • Winona II Solar
    • Woodbury Solar
    • Woodbury Village Solar

    Contact: Ron Oelrich, Business Development & Preconstruction Manager// // 612.964.6994

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