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    Innovative Ammonia Controls Provider

    Optimize your industrial refrigeration control system by partnering with Egan Company – your resource in designing, installing, and maintaining ammonia refrigeration controls. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your facility’s legacy control system to stay ahead of potential system failure, or you’re in need of a new control system, our dedicated team of experts will work with you from concept to commission.


    Customized systems. Experienced team. Our CIRO certified engineers and technicians will ensure your needs are met with non-proprietary software and hardware. From system design to project commissioning, our team of controls engineers, project managers, and controls electricians will provide your facility with a safe, efficient, and easy to use system that will optimize your operation.

    The Egan Company Advantage

    • Non-proprietary Rockwell Automation platform that your technicians can troubleshoot and modify in-house – no more flying in “the one” expert
    • Controls that can be tailored to perform your unique control requirement
    • Eliminate costly, troublesome, and outdated proprietary parts
    • Potential power company rebates and energy and water consumption savings
    • Optimize your ammonia ventilation system controls to ensure your facility’s safety
    • Custom control panels fabricated in Egan’s UL 508A Panel Shop
    • “System view at a glance” user interface provides an intuitive yet comprehensive look into your system’s operation that allows on-the-fly adjustment

    Ammonia Refrigeration System Features

    • Control optimization that provides energy and water consumption savings
    • Load sharing configurations that maximize equipment life
    • Intuitive compressor, condenser, and evaporative defrost sequencing matrices
    • Winter/Summer and Day/Night sequence settings
    • Trending and reporting
    • Remote access and monitoring
    • Leak detection
    • Alarming
    • Maintenance scheduling

    Contact: Tom O’Shea, Industrial Controls Operations Supervisor // // 763-591-5531

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